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Anglers Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report 09/28/2016

Anglers Fishing Report September 28th, 2016

It’s that time of year again! It’s officially fall and soon ROCKTOBER! Time to break out your top water, sub surface, and metal jigs for light tackle fishing and grab your trolling gear for the big stripers that will be making their way back in the bay. Report came in from New York and North Jersey of stripers moving down the coast but not in heavy numbers. We should see the typical run of the big stripers coming in during mid-October to late November It seems that all the stripers are moving all over the place now that we have cooler temperatures and the bait fish are moving down the Bay.  There has been a mix on the size of breaking fish north of the Bay Bridge from North Point, seven-foot knoll in the mouth of the Patapsco river, and Baltimore Light House in the mouth of the Magothy river. Love Point, Eastern Bay and Severn River are good places to look for breaking fish in the north to middle area of the Bay. Most of the fish in the north to middle area of the Bay seem to be around 15 to 24”. There is a mix of blue fish in with the stripers. Some of the blues in the middle bay area range from 12 to 18-inches. The lures of choice for the past two weeks have been 5 to 7 inch soft plastics, one of the most effective soft plastic bait has been the so called indestructible

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Anglers Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report 09/17/2016

Anglers Fishing Report September 17th 2016

It’s been a great season so far and it will only get better. The light tackle bite in the upper part of the bay has been picking up since we are having lower temperatures at night. You can find breaking fish during the early hours of the morning and evenings and also during tide changes in the mouth of the rivers as bait is moving out and in to the rivers. The mouth of the Patapsco river, Magothy river, Love Point, and Severn River are good spots to check out during the morning and evening hours the key is to use light tackle and use jigs from ½oz to 1oz on weight. The big fish are not all ways going to be on the bottom of the school of fish sometimes the bigger fish will be down tide from the school of breaking fish so make sure you cast outside of the school of fish and many times it will pay off and you’ll get a nice size stripper or blue fish. Also one of the most exiting ways to catch fish during these situations is by using top water or sub surface plugs especially when you have kids on the boat. The lures that have been working the best out there when your light tackle jigging have been any jig head from ½ to 1oz depending on how deep your fishing and the current, paring your jigs with BKD and ZMAN plastics have been doing the job. Also casting

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 8/26/2016

Anglers Fishing Report August 26th, 2016

What a summer on the bay it has been. Plus sized stripers, quality bluefish, mackerel of the Spanish kind, jumbo white perch, and more cow nosed rays than you can shake a stick at. It’s been a phenomenal late summer bite and now that we are coming off of a full moon, I expect it’s only going to get better. The majority of quality stripers (aka overs) are still north of the bridge and at this point I don’t know when they are going to venture south. A lot of menhaden still remain there and as long as the food is still present, I don’t foresee them moving south any time soon. Love point, the dumping grounds, seven foot knoll, belvedere shoals, and podickory point have been good places to set up shop anywhere over 20-50’ of water depending on the day and there are definitely keeper fish south of the bridge from the mouth of eastern bay at the hill south to sharps island. Yes that is a broad spectrum but you have to realize these fish are not going to be cruising the same ledges and flats every day. My favorite saying is fish have tails, and they know how to use them. Some days you’ll find them in 25’ of water high up in the column, some days you’ll find them down on the bottom in 40’ of water but it’s all dependent on what you’re doing to where you go and what you can set up

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 8/11/2016

Anglers Fishing Report August 11th, 2016

Well, howdy boys and girls it’s been another good week of late summer fishing here on the Chesapeake. With a few high pressure systems moving in over the last several days everything seems to be falling more and more into place as water temperatures drop a couple degrees to what they normally would be. With the majority of big stripers still in the northern part of the bay Annapolis and Kent Island anglers have been doing extremely well trolling, jigging, and live lining north of the bridge. Typical locations like the Dumping Grounds, Love Point, Podickory Point, Belvedere Shoals, and Swan Point have all been great places to start looking for fish. As far as a trolling bite goes, most anglers are still running surgical hoses and buck tail tandems with planer boards with exceptional results yielding fish upwards of 36” depending on the right day which for those that aren’t familiar is an absolute phenomenal grade of fish for this late in the summer. While on the subject of hoses, rock hall red and purple have definitely been the better colors over the last week while lime green and glow are still productive. As far as rigging these guys basically just take five feet of leader up to a ball bearing swivel and ten feet of leader from that to a coast lock which will go to your inline weight which will be anywhere from 6-16 ounces depending on how far back off the boards you’d like to run

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 08/04/2016

Howdy there boys and girls, it’s been another exciting week out here on the Chesapeake as our summer season moves right along. Trolling, live lining, jigging, chumming, top water, breakers, you name it, it’s been productive from the mouth of the Chop Tank all the way up to the north end of the Bay around Hart Miller Island. It seems as though the majority of our bigger fish still remain north from the bridge all the way up past Rock Hall. The trend remains familiar as weeks past in regards to working channel edges where bait would likely be in a position to be ambushed by hungry stripers as well as the mud flats of Belvedere on west to Podickory point and Baltimore Light. In regards to breaking fish we have still been seeing a few breaking fish here and there north of the bridge but predominantly most of the breaking fish have been south of Annapolis from the mouth of the South River on down to the mouth of the Choptank in anywhere from 15-25’ of water with small stripers and schooled blues pushing silversides up top. As far as what we’re trolling the answer has been the same for the past month which is rock hall red surgical hose running planer boards and as many rods as you can fit out without a tangle. Now as far as running tandems and umbrellas yes they have been successful but not near as productive on the quality of fish we

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 07/14/2016

Well guys and gals it’s been another exciting week here on the old Chesapeake Bay. With plenty of big stripers hanging around and some bluefish starting to show up its bound to be a July for the record books. The general theory of fish above the bridge from the Bay Bridge to seven-foot knoll is still holding true in regards to big stripers in the upper 30” range. Trolling, jigging, chumming, and live lining have all been plenty sufficient means to keeping a rod bent and fishermen busy. As far as a troll bite goes, tsunami tandems and 5 and 6” swim shads have all been a great way to hook fish however rock hall red hoses have been the key for a lot bigger fish. Most of the depth guys are covering is anywhere from 20’ on out to 40’ with few days yielding fish in the main channel over 60’ of water. As far as how to run, I’d say 2-3 knots and however many rods you want to run. We have generally been running both planer boards just to cover a wider area and plus the theory of more rods, more chances so keep that in mind for days when it seems like you can only pick at fish when the bite is not wide open. Baltimore light and Podickory have still been a great place to set up shop on suspended fish as well as Sandy Point and the Dumping Grounds on up to Love Point.

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 06/29/2016

It’s been another exciting weekend here on the bay. Trolling, chumming, and jigging are still an effective means to catch keeper stripers. The bite has been good north of the bridge but is also picking up heavy south of the bridge all the way down to the Hook and Chesapeake Beach. As far as a troll bite tandems and umbrellas mainly chartreuse and white along with pulling surgical hoses in rock hall red which have been yielding fewer but bigger fish. Most of the guys seem to be working the ledges in 20-40’ of water along with suspended fish around bait out in the main channel of the bay in 50-80’ of water. Along with that spoons have been producing such as Tony Acetta’s and Drone spoons on planers sizes 1-3. The bite has definitely been slowing down on the troll but still steady picking at fish so just find the school and keep after it until you figure out the pattern and roll with it. Some days you don’t have to run the boards but some days its needed to add to the spread so play around with it, do some investigating on your chart and look for the bait. If the bait is there, there will be feeding stripers around them. Chumming wise has still been steady consistent from Podickory, Sandy, and Hackett’s Point in 15-30’ of water on a good tide. Whether an ebb or a flood tide is better, don’t ask it’s been good across the

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 06/24/2016

I tell you folks what. I’m not quite sure what we did to deserve it but this may be the best year of Striper fishing I have seen and the entire month of June has been absolutely on fire. Trolling, jigging, and chumming have all been the keys to success here on the home front putting numerous keepers “over the rail and under the lid”. It seems like most of these fish have congregated along the western side of the channel from Green #1 at the mouth of the west River all the way up to Seven Foot Knoll. Yes that is a large area but the beauty of it is that these fish are not just at Podickory Point(which is where it seems everybody and their brother wants to set up shop). There is beyond a good number of bait around as far as menhaden goes and we have been experiencing large schools of breaking fish which though it may seem unusual this early is certainly one hell of a sight watching 30 plus inch fish chase down a 10” bunker on top of the water. We are also seeing good numbers of peanut bunker and silversides moving up the bay which means bluefish are behind them and we will get to that in a minute. As far as a trolling bite goes, it has been exceptionally well running rock hall red hoses about 5 bars back off the boards as well as hard head custom baits tandem parachutes

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 06/16/2016

Well ladies and gentleman I do apologize about the delay of a report but I have been busy fishing and good god has it been good. The middle part of the bay seems to be on fire with keeper Rockfish over the last week and a half. Trolling, light tackle jigging, and chumming have been a recipe for heavy coolers and piles of fillets. It seems most of these fish are in the neighborhood of Podickory Point and Love Point down past 84A south of Poplar Island. Yes that is a large area compared to Annapolis but with that being said the concentration of fish has been unreal. Trolling umbrellas, red hoses, spoons, and tsunami tandems have been some of the hotter lures either running on boards or as boat rods over 35-90’ of water. Yes, that is a broad generalization but the good news is they have been intermingled in both deep and shallow water so find your school of fish, pick a pattern, and work on them until you have had your fill. Key on ledges and slicks and such to find the bait because when you find the bait you will find fish (whether they are hungry or not is another thing). Right now there are plenty of bunker around and that is going to be a primary food source that will eventually change over to small peanut bunker and Silversides. A lot of the fish I cleaned over the past week have had a lot of

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 06/02/16

Well, it’s been an interesting month of May to say the least. From 3 solid weeks of rain and cold temperatures to sunny, low wind, and scorching temperatures as of lately and it has at least in my honest opinion got things back into the normal swing of things as far as developing a late spring pattern which is ledges. The meat fleet at Hackett’s is remaining to get solid numbers of fish regardless of the amount of pressure it’s been getting and anglers are still yielding limits on cut alewives with fish up to 32”. This is much of the same story across the board around the mouth of the Chester, Magothy, South, and West River. The thing about a chum bite is to truly be successful you need to be as up to date with the tide as possible unless you want to hang out for 6 hours waiting for the bite to turn on and I promise you it will, it’s just a waiting game and finding the grade of fish. Fishweather and other various tide apps are exceedingly helpful although not 100% accurate at least giving you an idea of when the bite may occur. It is also likely to be a fast bite usually within the first or last hour of a tide change so just be aware of that, change out washed out baits when you can, and keep that slick rolling. As far as a troll bite goes, things have been hot and

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