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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 05/24/2016

Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 05/24/2016 Well boys and girls it’s been an outstanding week of fishing barring the downright cold temperatures we have had thus far in the month of May. The good news about relatively cold water around 60-degree water temperatures is stripers absolutely love it and though most of the big fish have moved south pushing out of the bay, we are still finding fish upwards of 35 to 36 inches. Typically, this time of year, schools of 18-24” stripers make their way out of the rivers hanging on oyster ledges where water depth will drop relatively quickly as it’s a prime ambush spot for bait. Along with that are mayworm hatches happening in certain parts of the bay which can ultimately turn the bite off very quick but regardless fishing overall has been very good. 35-40’ of water trolling umbrellas with double drop tsunamis and hard head custom parachutes in 1-1.5 ounces has been extremely productive while the tide has been rolling particular around the mouths of these rivers (Severn, South, West, Chester, Eastern Bay, etc.) using literally no more than 5 or 6 deck rods meaning you do not have to put out 25 rods like you would during trophy season and baits are relatively small running 6” shads particularly in white or bunker colors as water is still extremely clear for this late in the year. Now having said that you want most of those baits down deep so use anywhere from 8-16 ounces of

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 05/13/2016

Howdy guys and gals, it’s been another exciting week of fishing here on the Chesapeake. While some have retained whatever horseshoe they possess to catch limits most of the reports are sad to say a lack of a troll bite and big post spawn fish on the way out as we near the summer split of striper season on Monday the 16th. We have had a very unique, yet inconsistent trophy season with most keepers being caught over 40” however, the patterns of these fish has been a hard one to read as far as trolling goes. The morning bite has still been fair to midland around bloody point on north to Brickhouse, Thomas, and Hackett’s point in 55-60’ of water but I am also hearing reports of a dead bite or no bite at all regardless of depth. The amount of undersized fish is astonishing from 30-40’ of water which normally would be a disappointment but having said that, as summer season approaches it is a sure sign of good things to come. As far as any particular baits, speeds, colors, there really has not been one lure that seems to be more effective than the next but rather a right place right time mentality with tandems, singles, and umbrellas in chartreuse, white, and purple all yielding fish of some sorts barring you clear lines from winter jellies which are still heavily prevalent around the Annapolis area as the cold fronts which have lingered have not dissipated the jellies

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 05/05/2016

Howdy guys and gals, it’s been one heck of a week on the bay since my last report. Chumming is still on fire during the right part of the tide. The usual suspects (Hackett’s, Tolly’s, Love, and Podickory Point) have been remaining solid contenders for keeper fish yielding spring trophies up to 44” with plenty of undersize fish to be caught as well. Just remember, you can’t keep 20” fish until the 16th so while it is still legal to use j-hooks, for the sake of our resource here on the bay from the bottom of my heart, PLEASE use circle hooks to prevent high mortality to undersize fish. Though any tide is good for a bite on bait the outgoing has been predominantly the better of the two from my own report and many anglers I talk to on a daily basis. As far as depth, it has remained consistent with 35-40’ of water being a solid area to start. Although having said that, I’ve heard rumors that the warmer water in shallow has been just as good if not better in water up as shallow as 15’ so being I don’t have photo evidence, reliable sources have concluded catching keepers inside off dolly’s lump so give it a whirl! The light tackle bite has remained solid up until this cold front which seems to have slowed things up a bit which honestly just makes those warm water discharges that much better as bigger fish stage up on those

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 04/28/2016

It’s been an exciting week in the world of fishing. Stripers are a plenty and at this point from the fish we are seeing are about half post spawn and half still with eggs so from a conservation standpoint, it’s exciting to see fish actually having a chance to run up the rivers and lay eggs for future generations. Many of the Stripers we are seeing from the Annapolis area are predominantly being caught chumming around the major mouths of the rivers in 35-40’ of water (Hackett’s, Dolly’s, Tolly’s, Podickory, Love, etc.). the good news about this is for those who don’t want to drag baits but essentially bottom fish can do so from just about any boat on a 4-8 rod spread. Just grab a bucket of chum and a few bags of fresh alewives, find a spot you like and set the anchor. We’ve had more and more citations come through the shop the past few days chumming than I’ve personally seen in a long time including one fish that weighed 45.5 pounds caught on a medium action rod with 10-pound power pro. You want to talk about a fun fight, well there you go. Short of chumming there is still some fish to be caught on warm water discharges north and south as well as bridges and other structure points up and down the bay, however with the water warming up quickly with the weather we have been having it is likely to fade off and start

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 04/22/2016

Well, as many of you know, this weekend kicked off the 2016 striped bass season and what an eventful weekend it was. Plenty of big fish were caught all over the place. The annual Boatyard catch and release tournament yielded plenty of good fish including the winning fish at 46 and some change. Along with plenty of fish being caught there was plenty of boats that were not. my guys and I headed out Saturday morning and did fairly well catching 6 fish with two short strikes early in the morning and ending the day with 5 yesterday ranging from 38-43” and much of the reports of fish caught I’m hearing are the same. I’ve heard of very few “unders” being caught amongst the fleet which is a good thing! Bad news is the majority of fish being caught are pre-spawn which is not what many like to see but what can you do. I can encourage catch and release as much as the next guy but in reality, most people will box the fish regardless. As far as hotspots go, love point has been exceptionally well from there down to the dumping grounds in 25-45’ of water. On the western side just below the bridge has been decent yielding bigger fish from the reports I’ve gotten but a lot less in numbers. Moving south down to Deale and Chesapeake beach, the western ledge in 35-45’ of water has been steady but mostly an early morning bite and then shutting

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 04/13/2016

Alright guys and girls, I am happy to report it is getting down to crunch time which means a few more days and Striper season will be in full effect for 2016! As exciting as it is, we have already had an extremely eventful spring thus far. From the yellow perch run being phenomenal to white perch and a hickory shad run that has been out of this world the pre-season catch and release season on stripers has been absolutely awesome. From warm water discharges to the Susquehanna flats it has been one heck of a spring for anglers yielding untold amounts of 40 and even 50” and up fish on the jig and light tackle. 10” BKDs and 1.5 ounce heads have been the classic for these discharges and been very successful as the water temperature slowly climbs and as the striper spawn cycle continues we will continue to see less and less big fish holding on these spots. The Susquehanna is still in full effect on weed less rigged plastics and larger stick baits however from the reports I’ve been getting from anglers its very hit or miss and will likely continue to be that way over the next 2-3 weeks until most of these big fish have spawned. As far as a bay temperature goes, as of yesterday along Bloody Point it was 49.8 degrees and will hopefully be the lowest temperature we will see over the next week barring weather conditions. What that will mean for

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 03/30/16

                 Howdy folks. It’s been an exciting week as we get closer and closer to the start of Striper season. Lots and lots of big cows are showing up and its causing a lot of excitement among fishermen. Hot water discharges up and down the Bay have been on fire holding fish upwards of 50” being caught on 1.5oz-2.5oz jig heads and a 10” BKD. Other light tackle anglers have been kayak trolling in shallow water as shallow as 3’ of water and throwing big X-raps and other stick baits alike and while the fishing is slow, a good bit of bunker has been along the eastern channel edge of the Bay over the last several days and some big stripers are definitely the prime result. Just remember it IS catch and release season which means A: Take a picture quick and let the fish go and B: you MUST use barbless hooks! Pinch them down or cut them off, regardless the idea is to put as little stress on these big fish as possible to allow their breeding cycle to take place with minimal mortality. Structure has also been a great place to jig up some stripers although most being under 30”, still a fun fight on a medium action rod and a 7” Bust ‘Em Bait soft plastic. Look for bridges, hard bottom, shipwrecks, and other solid pieces of structure around the Annapolis area to target fish. On the trolling side of things, the water temp is

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 03/19/2016

Howdy guys and gals. I apologize for the absence of a fishing report this past week. Fortunately, I’ve been busy on the water playing with some white perch and post spawn yellows. With the weather patterns we have had, it has produced a fairly early spawning run on the yellow perch. Areas such as Tuckahoe Creek, the Choptank River, Corsica, and the upper reaches of the Chester have produced an earlier than expected spawning run with high tides and water temperatures in the mid-50’s over a very short period of time. The good news, is that this was probably one of the best yellow perch runs I have ever seen (at least that I can remember) which would be hopeful to say, yellow perch numbers are up and with a successful spawn will continue to be good years to come. The bad news, is most bigger females are no longer in the areas you would find them 3 weeks ago (Hillsboro, Red Bridges, Centreville, Wye Mills, Crumpton, etc.). Now, that doesn’t mean they have gone forever until next year. All it takes is a Jon boat with your average fish finder and some time looking at a chart to figure out post spawn staging areas before they get into a spring feeding pattern. Shad darts, minnows, grass shrimp, night crawlers are all an effective method to pull post spawn yellows out as well as your typical Tony Acettas and Rooster Tails as the water temperature continues to climb. It is

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report – 02/25/2016

Yellow Perch It’s that time of year folks the yellow perch are making their annual spawning run. The hot places to catch yellows have been at Martinek State Park, Tuckahoe and the head waters of most of the major rivers. Finding the deep holes that hold yellow perch mean you’re going to have a fun day on your hands. People jig those deep holes using shad darts tipped with a minnow, grass shrimp or Berkley’s gulp alive 1 inch minnow. Hillsboro has been another producer for spawning Yellow’s, look to use a shad dart tipped with gulp, minnows or grass shrimp either suspended under a bobber or jigging the dart along the bottom looking to fill a stringer. The best time of day is going to be an incoming or outgoing tide. I always get the question of color, what color shad dart should I use, well is simple sunny days go with a lighter color such as white cloudy days use a chartreuse color. Grab your 4 to 8Lb ultra-light outfit and go catch those yellow beauties. Pickerel Pickerel fishing is still hot and heavy right now. Look to catch these toothy creatures around submerged cover such as downed trees, rocks and submerged vegetation.  Some places to wet your line are the  creeks off of the Magothy and Severn Rivers.  Minnows suspended under a bobber have been producing these powerful fish as well as spinners such as Capt Berts spinners Mepps or Rooster tails. Trout Well I am sure

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Cheaspeake Fishing Report 02/16/2016

 Cheapeake Fishing Report 02/16/2016 I know what most of you are thinking. Why is Jamie writing a fishing report when it is well below freezing and snow is coming down. Well, the long and short of it is simple. We have cabin fever and want to fish! Now yes it is cold and miserable but there are still plenty of opportunities to do some late winter fishing. Yellow perch jigging has been phenomenal up until this past week in the Choptank from Martinek on down river in deep holes jigging road runners, shad darts, or the plain jane bottom rig and minnow or grass shrimp(if you can find any). Though the water temperature is frigid and metabolisms often will be very slow these fish still need to eat and we have had multiple reports of perch up to 13” being caught. And this is not solely a Choptank thing folks. Practically all of the rivers around Annapolis and north all the way up to Conowingo dam harbor yellow perch in more than decent enough numbers. The hardest part is simply finding the fish to drop on so look for deeper holes from 15-35’ depending on where you are at and let your fish-finder do the work. This is often times the best time of year to hammer pre-spawn yellows so grab the ultralight outfits with some 4-8lb mono, some jigs, small bucktails, jigging spoons, or the old bottom rig and a blood worm trick. The Magothy and Severn River can

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