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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – February 1st, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Anglers Sport Center

Mid Winter Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report The weather so far this year has been pretty up and down and has been much warmer than in year’s past. With the mild winter, we’ve seen water temps hovering in the low to mid 40s which has provided anglers with some pretty decent opportunities to get out and shake off the winter blues and catch some nice fish. We’ve heard pretty good reports coming from several of our staff that the winter Perch bite is on and strong! Pickerel have also been very active in/around structure in the creeks and rivers off the main bay. The bite has been so good over the last couple weeks that many have asked us if the Perch spawn is on but we think that it may just be happening in stages depending on your location and should really take place in the next several weeks. Perch As far as the Perch fishing goes, we’ve seen great things coming out of the Western bay area, specifically in the Magothy, Severn and South Rivers in deeper holes ranging from 5-20′ of water looking for that hard bottom or subsurface structure. Other hot spots in the Eastern Bay area are the Wye, Miles and Chester rivers in that 5-20′ range. Further south we’re seeing good fish being caught in the Honga and Nanticoke rivers. Being that the water temps are in the low 40º range right now, you’re looking to fish slow, and on/near the bottom. Popular rigs are the float & shad dart combo tipped with

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – 12/30/16

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report from Anglers Sport Center

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report for December 31st, 2016 Happy New Year’s Eve! Fishing the Chesapeake Bay over the last few weeks has been pretty good overall. When the weather has cooperated, there have been plenty of fish to catch. We are seeing plenty of Yellow Perch, Pickerel, Crappie and even some Rockfish in 40-45º water at varying depths. In the Chesapeake Bay you’re going to find fish in deeper holes on hard/shell bottom and in/around structure. In the surrounding Rivers you’re going to find them in/around structure and near stream mouths in 2-10′ of water. Here is a video of Pro Staffer Alex Perez and Captain James Avedon talking about their success over the last couple weeks:   As is with most types of fishing in the winter the key here is to SLOW DOWN. Fish are prepping for the winter and with colder water temps, they are not going to be as aggressive as they are in the spring/summer/fall but they are still going to eat! Yellow Perch You are going to find Yellow Perch in various parts of the Chesapeake Bay as well as the rivers leading into it. In the Bay, you want to target deeper holes with hard/shell bottom. In the Rivers, you want to target them in/around structure in anywhere from 2-12′ of water. Yellow Perch don’t migrate so they are here year round for you to enjoy! To catch them, try using a 1/16th size Min-O-Spoon made by Johnson. Tip the lure with either

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – 12/1/16

Anglers Sport Center Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

Your Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report for December 1st, 2016 The past couple weeks have been tough fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. Wind and Rain has made it somewhat difficult to catch good fish but when the weather has broke, the bite has been decent. Try to get out as often as you can because the break in the weather will not last long as we move into December! Trolling The trolling bite for Rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay has been decent when the whether cooperates. Some hot spots that have been producing decent fish are Bloody Point, Love Point and Baltimore Light. The water temperatures have dropped over the last two weeks and we’re finding that the fish are holding tight to the bottom. Getting your rigs down that far (some depths are up to 50′) you’ll want to increase the size of your rigs or use inline weights to get your rigs down to where the fish are. Increasing the size of your baits to a 6″ & 9″ on tandem rigs will help target the larger fish and also help get your baits down that deep. With the cooler temps and rockfish looking to hunker down for the winter, the bite has been somewhat slow so don’t get too frustrated if you’re marking fish but aren’t hooking up. The key here is being patient and outlasting the fish! Jigging Jigging has also been producing decent fish when the weather has broke. With the cooler water temperatures the fish

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – 11/16/16

Chesapeake Bay Fishing report Anglers Sport Center

Pro Staffers Sam and Alex bring you the fishing report for the upper Chesapeake Bay for November 16th. Trolling is still producing nice 30″+ fish in 20′-35′ water. Trolling tandem ruby lipped bucktail jigs with 1-1.5oz on the bottom and .5-1oz on top. Another hot rig is the 6 arm light trolling rig with a 1-3oz jig with white or chartreuse curly tail trailers. Hot spots would be deeper channels where some nice class of fish with sea lice have been caught. Focusing on the mouths of the rivers and the ledges in the deeper shipping channels up and down the bay. Light Tackle is producing nice fish in different parts of the bay. Jigging in 25′-35′ of water with 1-3oz hard candy jig heads with larger profile soft plastics in the 5″-7″ size has been producing a nice class of fish. You can visually mark fish by looking for breaking water or large groups of birds feeding on the top. Other good areas to target would be the mouths of the rivers and transition points from shallower water to deeper water especially during slack tides. Live bait has been pretty good in several spots of the bay. Using fresh cut LY or frozen peeler crab and blood worms has been working great. Make sure your bait is getting where it needs to be with 1-3oz weight and a bottom rig, keeping the bait on the bottom. Hot spots are hard bottoms, oyster bars and structure around the 20′-35′ deep

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – 11/8/16

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Anglers Sport Center

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report for November 8th, 2016 The fall bite is on! Fishing has been fantastic all over the bay and in the rivers. This week has been hot and we’ve seen success with cut bait, trolling and light tackle. The fish are hungry and moving in big schools following the bait. Look for rockfish moving from shallows to deeper water concentrating on structure and channel ledges. Let’s talk a little about the success we’ve had with our three most popular fishing techniques for this week: Cut (live) Bait Great reports coming off of Love Point and down off Hacketts using cut LY and Spot. Cutting small steaks and hooking them through the back then bouncing them off the bottom. We’ve been seeing 22″-30″ rockfish and its going to stay pretty strong for a couple weeks. Try drifting with the wind off shallower water into the deeper channels and look for those rockfish trying to gorge themselves now that the water temps are dropping. Love Point and Hacketts are just two hot spots where we’ve seen a great class of fish but there are really fish all over the bay right now! Trolling Trolling is strong right now and we’ve seen fish moving from the rivers out to the mouths and into the bay. Good reports coming from the mouth of the Magothy up to Baltimore Light trolling 15 and 17 Tony Spoons.  Reports of 28″+ fish being caught in about 20-30ft of water with this technique! One of our customers, Dillon Flaherty III, sent

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – 10/31/16

Fishing report from Anglers Sport Center

This week’s Chesapeake Bay fishing report comes to you from Mike & Alex, pro staffers at Anglers Sport Center. If you have any questions about where or how to catch the fall rockfish, just swing in to Anglers Sport Center today! Our expert staff will be happy to assist you in picking out the best lures, rigs or fresh live bait.

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – 10/27/16

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report - Anglers Sport Center

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – 10/27/16 Windy, windy, windy! Howdy folks! This week’s Chesapeake Bay fishing report is wearing a windbreaker! Before the wind picked up this past week there was some good fishing going on in the shallow areas of the tidal rivers because of the full moon high tides. Peak times would be during the early morning and evening hours. Fishing top water and sub surface lures is a good way to start searching for fish along the shore lines, rocks, and docks. Some of the better spots this past week to do some light tackle fishing were Mountain Point, Baltimore Light House, Seven Foot Knoll, The Dumping Grounds, Eastern Bay, and Poplar Island. One tip I can give you is that if you’re fishing top water in shallow water and you don’t get any hits, is to change to a sub-surface stick bait that dives 2′ to 5′ down. Also another good lure to cast out there, if you’re fishing along the shore, is a slow sinking jointed swim bait. Most of the time you’ll catch less fish but you’ll get bigger fish on it. Jigging Jigging is still good all over the bay right now! The only challenge is finding the schools of fish with the good size grade of fish. Most of the breaking schools of fish are ranging from 12″ to 19″ and some of them have bigger fish in them. In some cases, you will find schools that have all keeper size fish

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Anglers Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report 09/28/2016

Anglers Fishing Report September 28th, 2016

It’s that time of year again! It’s officially fall and soon ROCKTOBER! Time to break out your top water, sub surface, and metal jigs for light tackle fishing and grab your trolling gear for the big stripers that will be making their way back in the bay. Report came in from New York and North Jersey of stripers moving down the coast but not in heavy numbers. We should see the typical run of the big stripers coming in during mid-October to late November It seems that all the stripers are moving all over the place now that we have cooler temperatures and the bait fish are moving down the Bay.  There has been a mix on the size of breaking fish north of the Bay Bridge from North Point, seven-foot knoll in the mouth of the Patapsco river, and Baltimore Light House in the mouth of the Magothy river. Love Point, Eastern Bay and Severn River are good places to look for breaking fish in the north to middle area of the Bay. Most of the fish in the north to middle area of the Bay seem to be around 15 to 24”. There is a mix of blue fish in with the stripers. Some of the blues in the middle bay area range from 12 to 18-inches. The lures of choice for the past two weeks have been 5 to 7 inch soft plastics, one of the most effective soft plastic bait has been the so called indestructible

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Anglers Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report 09/17/2016

Anglers Fishing Report September 17th 2016

It’s been a great season so far and it will only get better. The light tackle bite in the upper part of the bay has been picking up since we are having lower temperatures at night. You can find breaking fish during the early hours of the morning and evenings and also during tide changes in the mouth of the rivers as bait is moving out and in to the rivers. The mouth of the Patapsco river, Magothy river, Love Point, and Severn River are good spots to check out during the morning and evening hours the key is to use light tackle and use jigs from ½oz to 1oz on weight. The big fish are not all ways going to be on the bottom of the school of fish sometimes the bigger fish will be down tide from the school of breaking fish so make sure you cast outside of the school of fish and many times it will pay off and you’ll get a nice size stripper or blue fish. Also one of the most exiting ways to catch fish during these situations is by using top water or sub surface plugs especially when you have kids on the boat. The lures that have been working the best out there when your light tackle jigging have been any jig head from ½ to 1oz depending on how deep your fishing and the current, paring your jigs with BKD and ZMAN plastics have been doing the job. Also casting

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 8/26/2016

Anglers Fishing Report August 26th, 2016

What a summer on the bay it has been. Plus sized stripers, quality bluefish, mackerel of the Spanish kind, jumbo white perch, and more cow nosed rays than you can shake a stick at. It’s been a phenomenal late summer bite and now that we are coming off of a full moon, I expect it’s only going to get better. The majority of quality stripers (aka overs) are still north of the bridge and at this point I don’t know when they are going to venture south. A lot of menhaden still remain there and as long as the food is still present, I don’t foresee them moving south any time soon. Love point, the dumping grounds, seven foot knoll, belvedere shoals, and podickory point have been good places to set up shop anywhere over 20-50’ of water depending on the day and there are definitely keeper fish south of the bridge from the mouth of eastern bay at the hill south to sharps island. Yes that is a broad spectrum but you have to realize these fish are not going to be cruising the same ledges and flats every day. My favorite saying is fish have tails, and they know how to use them. Some days you’ll find them in 25’ of water high up in the column, some days you’ll find them down on the bottom in 40’ of water but it’s all dependent on what you’re doing to where you go and what you can set up

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