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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – April 13th, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Rockfish The big girls are here! We’re seeing many of the 35″+ class of fish being caught a variety of ways. Most of the fish in Southern Maryland are already up in the rivers or moving up the rivers to spawn. Anglers in the middle bay area have had good success trolling the false channel from Love Point to Bloody Point around the edges from 30′-50′ of water. One hot area this past week was around the mouth of the Severn river. Anglers trolling that area caught nice fish in 40′ of water. Jigging has been pretty good at the Calvert power plant. We’ve noticed it’s mainly a morning bite for the big ones. Another good place to try jigging would be around the edges of the Susquehanna flats. Shad We’re starting to see more Shad show up, mainly in the Southern Bay area. Not many shad have showed up in the Eastern Shore creeks yet but the bite will pick up with the warmer weather in the forecast. Anglers have had decent success catching Shad in the Potomac river. One of the hotter spots this past week was by Fletcher’s boat house. The Shad bite in the Susquehanna River will pick up in the next week or two…depending on the weather/water temps! Perch The peak of the White Perch spawn is happening right now. The last push of spawning perch will be done in the next week so most of the perch are heading out the

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – April 6th, 2018

Fishing Report for the Week of April 6th, 2018 Perch Fishing It wouldn’t be Maryland if there wasn’t snow in the forecast for this Spring weekend…what a place! Don’t let it discourage you and your efforts to get out there and catch some fish! We have a warming trend on the horizon and we may just finally make it out of Maryland’s third winter 🙂 The Perch have mostly spawned out depending on where you are fishing. Eastern shore hot spots like Greensboro, Tuckahoe Creek and the upper reaches of the Choptank are still producing plenty of fish, just in different areas now. Look to find larger post-spawn females in the deeper water areas of these creeks/rivers. They’ll be on their way out while lots of smaller males are still being caught in/around many of the spawning areas for White Perch. The best way to catch these fish is still going to be live bait on the back of a Shad Dart or simply on a top & bottom rig (depending on water depth, you’ll want to use either/or). Live bait such as Grass Shrimp, Bloodworms or smaller Minnows are the best live baits. We have all of these baits in stock! Hickory Shad & Herring Over the past couple weeks we’ve been getting some reports of Hickory Shad and Herring being caught in a few different areas. Areas such as Tuckahoe Creek, the Potomac River and the Susquehanna River. These fish are not fully running yet but more and

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – March 30th, 2018

  Fishing Report – March 30th, 2018 Perch Run The Perch run has transitioned from a mix of Yellows and Whites to more Whites and a lot less Yellows. A few Yellows can be caught in deeper holes in transition areas from the creeks/spawn sites to open water. We’re seeing a whole lot more Whites recently and a mix of sizes depending on where you’re fishing. One of the hotter areas this past week was the Choptank River and the creeks that branch off of it. We’re seeing some nice sizes and numbers come out of that area. Some other areas to note are Tuckahoe Creek, Beachwood Park in the Magothy and the upper reaches of the Patuxent River. We saw a good amount of White Perch being caught in these locations this past week. Best baits are going to be live minnows, grass shrimp or bloodworms. In shallow water (< 6′) fish these baits under a bobber. In deeper water (> 6′) fish these baits off the bottom with a top & bottom rig. You can increase your chances of catching fish if you fish a tandem rig. You can throw two shad darts or smaller jigs at the same time with a tandem rig and bounce these baits off the bottom around structure. A very effective and productive technique! Shad/Herring Water temps in some of the tidal rivers and creeks is hovering around 45º-48º. With that, we’ve received reports of some Shad and Herring being caught in Tuckahoe

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – March 23rd, 2018

Welcome to Spring! We’ve received more snow in the last couple days than we did all winter, go figure… With the new season here, we are really gearing up for the opening of the Trophy Season and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Check out the seminar going on tomorrow here at Anglers, Spring Kayak Trolling & Jigging Seminar. We’ll cover all the gear and tackle needed to land some Trophy Rockfish! Perch The Yellow Perch spawn is all but over and we’re seeing lots more White Perch in the upper sections of the creeks and rivers. Because of the crazy cold and snow we’ve had recently, everything is moving a little slower. You can expect to target Yellow Perch a little further downstream from where you’ve been finding them. They’re on the move back into deeper post-spawn holes as they exit the creeks and rivers. Expect to find more males as you get into shallower water. To target these fish, look to use a 1/16th Perch Candy Jig tipped with either Grass Shrimp, Bloodworm or smaller Minnows. Bounce this tandem off the bottom near structure in transition points from 5′ to 25′ of water. Rockfish Preseason Trolling is picking up as Anglers look for large fish moving throughout the bay. As we get breaks in the weather, look to troll in 15′-45′ of water near the mouths of the rivers like the Patapsco, the Severn River, Upper Severn River and further south near Solomons. Make sure you are

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – March 16th, 2018

Seminar Update For those of you attending our Snakehead Seminar & Tasting tomorrow @ 3pm, please head over to the page and register so we have you accounted for! We want to make sure we have enough to go around for everyone! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!  Fishing Report – March 16th Perch It’s in full swing now! The Yellow Perch are in the throws of their spawn and can be found in many of the local creeks/rivers. The majority of the fish being caught are spawned out males, with a few larger females being caught. We’ve seen some that haven’t spawned yet but the majority have and are working their way back to deeper water. Top & Bottom rigs with Grass Shrimp, Bloodworms, Nightcrawlers or Minnows will all work for catching Perch. You can also catch them with Shad Darts tipped with either Minnows or Grass Shrimp and bounced off the bottom near structure in shallower water. We’re thinking we have about another solid week of Yellow Perch fishing in this general area and we’ll start to see them thin out. The White Perch are running thick now as well. You can use pretty much the same baits as you would to target Yellow Perch. Pre-Season Rockfish Not a whole lot new as far as Rockfish are concerned this week. We have had some reports of anglers catching decent sized fish from shore in some of the local rivers. Jigs with larger soft plastic trailers worked slowly

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – March 9th, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Perch Good News! After the crazy nasty weather we had last weekend, we’ve had many reports of Anglers catching spawned out Yellow Perch in a few different areas. The areas where we’re seeing spawned out Yellows are: Tuckahoe Creek, near Greensboro, the Magothy River and further south near Waysons Corner. We’re seeing lots of males being caught with a few larger females in the 13″ range. With the water temps ranging from 47º-49º in most of the rivers, we’re expecting the spawn to continue for the next couple weeks. This would be the best times to go target the Yellows. Some of the best locations to target are going to be on the Eastern Shore in Tuckahoe Creek, in the Magothy River at Beachwood Park or further south near Waysons Corner. Trout Trout stocking continues all over Maryland and the latest areas DNR has stocked can be found on their trout stocking page. Anglers are having success catching trout with a variety of techniques. A standard bobber/hook with live bait such as Wax Worms or Earthworms works really well. Artificial baits like Gulp Powerbait are very effective as well. Look to use small spinnerbaits as well. Fly fishermen are having success with bead head nymphs in Southern Maryland ponds. Rockfish Make sure you head over to DNRs page to find out what areas are currently closed to catch and release fishing for Rockfish. Those braving the cold weather and high winds lately have actually caught a few

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – March 2nd, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – March 2nd, 2018 Before we get into the report, head over to the Spring Kickoff Sales Event to learn about everything that’s going on Saturday March 3rd! Huge prize giveaways, DEEP DISCOUNTS on tons of stuff, Local Vendor meet & greet, Knot Tying seminar & MORE!!  Perch Run Patience is KEY right now when it comes to Yellow Perch! Many anglers in the Mid-Bay area are hauling in White Perch by the bucket-load and are wondering where are the Yellow Perch?! With water temps hovering in the 46º-48º range in most of the rivers (Magothy, Severn & South) in this area, we’re expecting the Yellow perch to show up in the next week or two. Once the water temps get to 50º you’ll start to find the Yellow Perch making their spawn run in these rivers. Areas that have been productive have been the Eastern Shore (Tuckahoe Creek between Stoney Point and Hillsboro, the Pocomoke River & the Choptank River) and further south near Waysons Corner. We’ve seen and had reports of Yellow Perch in the 13″-13.5″ range from these areas. Best baits to use continue to be shad darts or smaller jigs (1/32nd or 1/16th) tipped with Grass Shrimp or Minnows. Tandem shad dart rigs double your chances and are very effective when targeting Perch especially if you bounce this rig off the bottom near structure! You can also use a standard top & bottom rig with either Grass Shrimp, Minnows, Earth or

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – February 23rd, 2018

Spring Kickoff Sales Event & Seminar Before we get into this week’s report, we want to make sure you’re aware of our huge sales event coming up on March 3rd. So many hot deals and cool things happening that day. Head over to the event page to learn all about it! If you’re interested in the Knot tying seminar @ 3pm that day, please sign up via the form on the event page!    White / Yellow Perch The Yellow Perch run has been slow to start this year in the Annapolis area. Anglers in the Magothy and Severn Rivers are finding many more White Perch right now which is relatively uncommon this time of year. Typically the Yellow Perch will run first looking to spawn in the headwaters of the area’s creeks and rivers. We’ve found way more Yellow Perch on the Eastern Shore in areas like Tuckahoe Creek, Nanticoke River or the Pocomoke River. Some of the best ways to catch Perch right now are with smaller (1/16th or 1/8th) jigs tipped with either Grass Shrimp, Minnows or Bloodworm. Some new jigs we’re carrying are the FCJ Jigs. They come 2 in a pack and there are 4 fish catching colors to choose from. If you don’t have or want to use live Minnows, you can use Gulp Alive 1″ Minnows in Smelt color. These are fantastic little baits because they’re soaked in Gulp which attracts fish and you can dip used baits to recharge them! Other

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – February 9th, 2018

(somewhat) Breaking News! On February 7th, during their Winter meetings in Arlington, Virginia, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) approved the Maryland DNR’s request for tweaks to the rules and regulations regarding resident Rockfish. DNR requested that there be a 19″ minimum size requirement during all or part of the summer/fall months, or year round in conjunction with a mandatory circle hook requirement for recreational bait fishermen. The two Rockfish per person will remain the same with 1 allowed over 28″. What does this mean? Well, it’s good news for Rockfish and Anglers alike. The use of circle hooks make lip-hooking fish nearly and automatic process. Circle hooks are design to work like this: the fish takes the bait and starts to swim away then the circle hook starts to slide inside the fish’s mouth until it hits something (typically the lip or side of the mouth) and hooks itself. Virtually no effort is needed from the Angler to set the hook when fishing with a circle hook. Just a slight amount of pressure or just simply lifting the rod tip up will “set” the hook. Having a 19″ minimum size requirement (a 1″ reduction from last year) will hopefully make the 2 rockfish limit per person much easier to accomplish. This would, in theory, require the Angler to land less fish to get to that size requirement and reducing the number of release mortalities. February 9th Fishing Report Perch (White & Yellow) Not much has changed from last

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – February 2nd, 2018

 Yellow Perch We’ve had reports of more and more people catching Yellow Perch in/around the Annapolis area. Some of the more productive spots have been further south near Waysons Corner, Beachwood Park in the Magothy River, Greys Run in the Bush River and in Perryville in the Susquehanna River. Anglers are catching decent size Yellows, just not in great numbers yet. As we start to see the temps rise a bit, we’ll start to really see them in numbers. Some of the best techniques to catch Yellows are with tandem shad dart rigs tipped with live bait such as little to medium sized minnows, grass shrimp or blood worms. You can fish this rig near structure or deeper drops with hard bottom. You’ll want to cast it out and slow jig/retrieve it back to you. Bites commonly come on the fall, so be ready! Another popular technique is the cold water tested “Float-n-fly” technique. This is where you fish a shad dart under a float or slip bobber. It’s important to know the depth of the water you’re fishing as well as where in the water column the fish are suspended. Another good bait to try is the straight tail Bass Assasins on the 1/16th or 1/32nd VMC Hot Skirt jigs. Pickerel Pickerel are being caught in many of the same areas you’ll find the Perch. Locally we’re finding them in the Magothy River, Tuckahoe Creek, Unicorn Lake and Hillsboro. There have been some nice 23″-24″ Pickerel caught in the

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