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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report, August 17th, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – August 17th, 2018 Another hot Summer week is behind us and there was lots of activity out on the water! We’re finalizing all the details of our 3rd annual White Perch Open today and are nearly ready for Sunday!! The forecast is looking like there will be a little rain but that isn’t going to stop us…the White Perch Open will take place, rain or shine! If you haven’t signed up, you should do that on this page. We will close registration at 10pm today. If you have already registered, you can expect an email tomorrow with all the details about Sunday! Now on to the report… Rockfish Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining Not much has changed since last week regarding the Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining bite. It’s still the hot ticket this week. Some of the better Spots have been just north of Swan Point, Love Point, Podickory Point, the Key & Bay Bridge pilings, and just outside the Eastern Bay around the Hill and Bloody Point. A chum slick while fishing cut bait like fresh Alewife or Soft Crab on a 8/0-9/0 circle hook will work well in 20′-25′ of water. Lots of throwbacks being caught so please handle with care and release the fish with as little handling as possible! Live Lining Spot or smaller White Perch around the bridge pilings has been the best way to land the big Rockfish. Trolling Anglers getting out early trolling the channel ledges from Swan Point down to the Bay

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – August 10th, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report As Summer rolls on through, we put another hot week behind us and gear up for what looks like another hot one ahead of us. Forecasts call for isolated thunderstorms throughout the weekend so make sure you have your foul weather gear just in case! The bite this past week has picked up, especially in the typical areas such as Swan, Love and Podickory Points. One housekeeping note before we get into the report…Our White Perch Open is NEXT SUNDAY! On August 19th, we are holding our 3rd annual White Perch Open tournament at Podickory Point Yacht Club. Everything you need to know about the event can be found here. Sign up soon! Rockfish Chumming/Chunking/Live-lining The Chumming/Chunking bite has continued to shine over all other methods this past week. Especially in the areas of Pooles Island, Swan Point, Love Point and Podickory Point. We’re finding fish in 20′-25′ of water near channel ledges, earlier in the am or later in the evening. Fishing either FRESH Alewife, Soft or Peeler Crab on the bottom has been catching numbers recently. The size has come from Live-lining Spot in these same areas. Another great place to Live-line right now is going to be at the Bay or Key Bridge pilings. Specifically the Eastern side of the Bay Bridge in 15′-20′ of water. Don’t forget that you need to be using in-line circle hooks while fishing with Chum/Chunk or while Live-lining. Ideally a 6/0 or larger hook will be used

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – August 3rd, 2018

August 3rd, 2018 Over the past week we’ve had reports of a good bite despite the debris and hazards in the water from the mid to upper bay regions. The severe amounts of rain we received the last two weeks caused a massive flow of water from PA down to the Conowingo Dam in the Susquehanna River. To relieve this surge, over 20 flood gates opened last weekend dumping nearly 3 million gallons of water per second into the lower Susquehanna River and into the Bay. The debris fields have spread down south of the Bay Bridge with debris washing up all over the place. This past week we’ve seen boaters slowly start making their way back out onto the water and we are urging everyone to proceed with extreme caution. Slow and steady is definitely going to win this race. If you do make it out on the water, boaters are urged to report any navigational hazards to the Maryland Natural Resources Police at 410-260-8888 or the U.S. Coast Guard at 410-576-2693. Rockfish Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining As the summer rolls on, Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining continues to be the most efficient and productive way to catch some decent keeper Rockfish. With that said, we have seen a TON of throwback fish being caught. Some of the better spots this week were typical spots like the area around Swan Point (north to Pooles Island), the triple buoys in the Love Point area, Podickory Point and just south of Hackets Point. Chumming with FRESH

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – July 27th, 2018

 What a wet and nasty week we had! Many local spots received 5-7″ of rain in no time at all! While the rain may put a damper on our day, it helps do two things; 1) cool the Bay off and 2) recharge the oxygen levels. This will definitely help the stress levels of the resident Rockfish as conditions were getting pretty dire for them just before the storms. We’re anticipating the runoff and the flood waters from the north to significantly change conditions over the next couple days so stay tuned! In the meantime…grab the Beatles album Abbey Road and play the classic track “Here comes the sun!” 🙂 Rockfish Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining While we didn’t get many reports from customers or charter captains this week due to literally no one fishing the past week, we’re anticipating a good week coming up! The bite was hot north of Swan Point up to Pooles Island in the shallow shoal areas there. Before the rain, Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining Spot, Perch or Eels was all working well in this area. Good baits to use on your hook are going to be FRESH Alewife or Peeler/Soft Crab. We have plenty of fresh bait in stock so stop in before you head out. Some other upper bay areas that you should try are the Bay Bridge pilings (Eastern side), the mouths of the rivers like Patapsco, Magothy, Chester and Whitehall Bay (Hackets Point). Love Point and Podickory Point should also be producing throwbacks to small

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – July 20th, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report If you are headed out this weekend, the predicted rain will most likely help you out! Over the last week we’ve seen river water temps continue to rise above 80º! Hopefully the rain will knock some of those temps down a bit, as Rockfish can’t tolerate 84º and above. We’ve noticed this past week that most of the Rockfish have been pushed up north between Swan Point and Pooles Island in 20′ or less of water. As the day gets hotter, these fish are trying to find the coolest, most oxygen rich waters they can. So far, these areas are up north. Rockfish Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining This style of fishing for Rockfish continues to be the most productive over the last week. Anglers are fishing either cut bait (FRESH Alewife or Soft Crab) or Live-lining Spot, White Perch or Eel in the cooler, more oxygen rich waters up north. You’ll want to fish early in the morning or later in the evening to combat the rising water temps. Once the sun gets over the horizon, the bites significantly drop off. Make sure you are using in-line circle hooks for this style of fishing. To prevent gut-hooking, use a larger size circle hook, depending on the manufacturer you’ll want to use either a 8/0, 9/0 or even a 10/0. We’ve had some customers express their frustration with using circle hooks and it turns out they’re trying to “set” the hook which you don’t really need to do. You’ll want

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – July 13th, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Much like last week the Chumming bite was great as the fish continue to move northward. The Summer is in full swing now and there’s no better way to have fun with the whole family than a fishing trip! Whether you’re fishing with a group of friends or with family members, a fishing trip can create a lifetime of memories. There are so many great life lessons that can be learned while fishing so get out there and have FUN! Rockfish Chumming/Live Lining After talking to many customers and charter captains, Chumming with circle hooks is gaining acceptance and people are catching fish! We’ve noticed the bigger sizes 7/0-9/0+ are producing less gut hooks and more corner of the mouth hook-ups, especially on the smaller throwback size fish. With the water temps continuing to climb, Rockfish are becoming more stressed and handling throwbacks should be done with care. Ideally, unhooking the fish in the water with a pair of needle-nose pliers and releasing them is the best scenario. The hotter spots this week were up around Pooles Island, Gale’s Lump, Hodges Bar and further north along the ledges up to the flats. Chumming with fresh Bunker on the bottom has been producing lots of throwbacks with a nice mix of 24″-28″ keepers. We are getting FRESH LIVE SPOT this evening so we should be stocked through the weekend. Anglers live-lining spot in many of these areas are going to have an advantage for sure. Some other

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – July 6th, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – July 6th, 2018  We hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July holiday! It sure was a HOT week and we’re looking forward to a cooler, less humid weekend! Over the last week we’ve seen great fishing in several areas and we’re excited about what this weekend looks like. If you’re planning on heading out, stop by the shop to grab fresh bait, supplies and any other last minute items you may need! Rockfish The Chumming bite continues to be the most productive way to catch fish right now. We noticed the HOT bite moved north of Swan Point around Gale Shoals and Hodges Bar this week. Love Point, Podickory Point and the Bay Bridge were also areas where anglers are catching fish, just not the same grade or as many. For a few hours of fishing, bring a Chum Log or two, a few bags of FRESH Bunker, in-line 6/0-8/0 circle hooks and a couple ounces of weight on fish-finder rigs. Cut the FRESH Bunker into 1″-2″ chunks and fish that on the hook. Use FROZEN Bunker for your cut chunks and throw those all around your boat. Anglers are targeting fish in 25′-35′ of water early in the morning or later in the evening during a transitioning tide. If you’re fishing around the Bay Bridge, look to use Soft Crab bait banded to a circle hook with enough weight to get it to bottom. Keeper size fish are being caught

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – June 29th, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report It’s looking like another HOT holiday week ahead! The forecast is looking like triple digit days coming up and the good news is the fishing has been just as hot! Many people will be coming through the shop on their way out to grab bait, supplies and beer/ice so be sure to call ahead to make sure we have what you need! As always, we are here to help you enjoy your time and hopefully help you catch more fish! Rockfish Chumming/Chunking Not much has changed over the last month, chumming/chunking is putting fish in the boat! The area where anglers are catching the most is north of the Bay Bridge. Areas like Podickory Point, Swan Point & Love Point keep producing fish. Some anglers fishing Soft Crab on circle hooks by the Bridge pilings caught their 3 person limit in 30 minutes! The baits that seem to be doing the best are Soft Crab and cut Alewife. Target areas where there is 25′-35′ of water near transitions or structure during a moving tide. Just remember that if you are chumming or chunking, you must use in-line circle hooks! Jigging Anglers continue to catch a nice grade of fish around the Bay Bridge and further north. Using a 1/2oz-1oz jig head with a 5″-7″ trailer has been working well. Some productive colors have been chartreuse, white & shad colors. You can fish these with a skirt, or skirtless. Target pilings, rock piles, drop offs & schooled

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – June 22nd, 2018

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Fishing has been as hot as the weather lately! Anglers are quickly catching their limits of Rockfish in the Mid-Bay area whether they are Jigging or Chumming/Chunking. Now that schools are out and Summer is officially here, what better thing to do than to get the entire family enjoying some lines in the water?! If you’re headed out on the water or headed to the beach, make sure you stop by and grab everything you need to make your trip successful AND fun!  Rockfish Jigging Jigging the Mid-Bay region has been great recently. The Bay Bridge pilings have been especially good these last few weeks with anglers catching their limit in no time. The Eastern side of the bridge has been better, but nearly every piling is holding some fish. Using a 1/2oz-3/4oz G-Eye jig paired with a BKD in Limetruese or “Go-to” has been hot. Some other spots that have been hot lately have been Swan Point, the Key Bridge and the mouth of the Magothy River. Chumming/Chunking The Chumming/Chunking bite continues to stay hot as it has been over the past couple weeks. We want to make sure everyone is aware at this point…you MUST be using in-line (non-offset) circle hooks if you are Chumming/Chunking. We’ve been using 6/0-8/0 hooks with a 24″-36″ leader and 2oz of weight in 20′-35′ of water. Best baits to use are FRESH Bunker (LY), Soft Crab or Bloodworms. If you’re using Bunker, make sure the hooked baits

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – June 15th, 2018

Happy Father’s Day! We want to wish all the Dads out there a happy Father’s Day! This weekend is looking fantastic weather wise so hopefully you’re going to be able to get on the water at some point! Good news is that the bite has been just as hot as the forecast! If you haven’t liked, commented and shared the Father’s Day Facebook Giveaway, be sure to head on over to our facebook page and do that! We’ll be announcing the winner of the giveaway this Saturday between 1-2pm. Rockfish Trolling Over the past week we’ve seen the trolling bite continue to be just ok. Anglers are trolling a mix of spreads from Tandem Shads to Spoons to Hoses. The most productive colors we’ve seen are holographic chartreuse & darker colors due to the stained waters. Fish are being caught in a variety of places in all parts of the water column. Some of the hotter spots have been just outside of Rock Hall, just south of Bloody Point along the channel edge and transition points along the main shipping channel. Make sure you’re covering the different parts of the water column to increase your chances! Chumming The Chumming/Chunking bite continues to stay hot this past week. Head out with a few chum bags, some fresh LY on a 7/0 circle hook and fish it on the bottom! Ideal spots are going to be areas with muddy bottom in 27′-35′ of water. Some of the better spots have been Love

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