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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – October 20th, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report We’ve been super busy this past week getting ready for our huge Customer Appreciation Sales Event that starts this Saturday @ 5am! For all the details head over to our events page and check them out! Some highlights are 25% OFF Costa Sunglasses, 20% OFF all lures, 15% OFF all rods and combos and every $20 spent gets you a raffle ticket to win a $1500 shopping spree at 5pm! Don’t miss this one day event!! STRIPED BASS The fall season is in full effect from the start of Rocktober until now. Rivers have been chock-full of healthy fall fatties in and around the Severn, Magothy, South and Chester. Early morning and late evening topwater bites have been prime with key baits being Smack-it Jr’s and Mega Eye’s from The Lonely Angler. The shallows have been just as productive on an ebb tide in late morning mid-afternoon using stick baits, Rattle Traps, and subsurface swim shads, bass assassins, etc. As far as the jig bite goes all is well. Look for breakers on key ledges in the river. Frankly, if you just look for the birds, they will be in close contact with fish. Most of the bigger fish seem to be sitting down tide from the smaller “schoolies”, but anglers have been jigging fish up to and over 30 inches, which makes for a heck of a light tackle fight. Out to the Bay, front fish are still holding on the bridge pilings as they

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – October 13th, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Happy Friday the 13th! “Roctober” has been pretty good so far this year. Fish are definitely being caught all over the place, mostly smaller fish right now though. There are a few keeper sized Rockfish being reported, they just aren’t flying over the rail. Some of the better spots this past week have been inside Love Point on the Chester River. From the LP buoy to the Dumping Grounds, you’ll find fish in shallow and deeper water. If you’re fishing shallow water, look to use a topwater bait like a Smack-It or a Mega Eye Holographic Popper made by The Lonely Angler. You can also throw the Logic Lure tandem rig and swap out the fluke that comes with it to your favorite soft plastics like BKDs or Bust’em Baits. The Bay Bridge pilings have been good this week. Live-lining and jigging have both produced a decent amount of fish, just mostly smaller fish. If you work the deeper part of the water column, there are definitely bigger fish toward the bottom of the schools. If you can’t find Spot to live line, look to use smaller sized Perch as an alternative. The 4″-5″ range of Perch work just fine. Shallow Water Fishing shallow water in the area? The Patapsco River around Mount Point, Hacketts Point and Thomas Point have all been great spots to target. At Thomas Point, we’ve heard great reports from anglers fishing from shore and from boat around the light house. Early

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – October 5th, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – October 5th, 2017 Fall is officially here and “Rocktober” is one of our favorite months! Crabs are running thick, Rockfish are getting aggressive and we’re throwing an epic sales event on Saturday, October 21st! We’re going to have deep discounts on lots of different things in the store and every sale over $20 that day will receive a raffle ticket to win a 4 minute $1500 shopping spree in our store! Go here for more info and to see all the sales going on that day! Rockfish As the temperatures fall, fish become more aggressive, chasing bait all over the bay. It’s a pretty common thing to see birds attacking bait from above and breaking fish attacking bait from below. This is exactly what you want to look for if you’re running around on the bay. In the upper section of the Bay anglers are having success fishing topwater plugs and poppers on grass and channel edges early in the morning. Once the sun is up you can switch to trolling or chumming the channel edges. If you’re trolling, look to use surgical hoses, umbrella rigs with 4″-6″ shads in chartreuse or white and metal spoons…they have all been working. Chumming has also been producing fish while using cut bait like Alewife (aka LY or Menhaden) or soft crab. Some of the hotter spots have been between Hart-Miller Island and Pooles Island, North Point State Park as well as the mouth of the Patapsco River.

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – September 29th, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Time really does seem to fly when you’re having fun! Can’t believe October is on our doorstep…especially since it’s been so hot! This weekend looks like it’ll be a bit nicer with temps in the 60º-70º range! That means the fall transition will be in full effect. Topwater will be picking up even more and everything seems like it’s on the move getting ready for winter. Northern Bay Area In the northern section of the Bay, near the Susquehanna Flats, the topwater bite continued to pick up even more this week. Focusing on the edges of grass flats and channel edges with topwater baits like plugs and walk-the-dog baits produced a good amount of fish. Once the sun came up, light tackle trolling was the ticket with chumming/chunking also catching a decent amount of small to keeper sized Rockfish and Channel Catfish. Middle Bay Area The fish are spread out but they’re there! The sizes were considerably smaller this week with a few 35″ fish being caught in the Love Point/Swan Point area. The majority of the fish were definitely smaller, though. The key to finding the larger fish is to first find the birds then you find the bait. Once you find the bait, focus on the bottom of the school, casting toward the down-tide section of the school using heavier jigs like Sting Silvers. There were a considerable amount of 5-10lb Bluefish mixed in with these schools. If this is the case, you’ll definitely

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – September 21st, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Been a busy week in the shop this week! We’ve been getting ready for our big St. Croix event this Saturday from 5am-5pm. It’s going to be a good time! A very relevant seminar brought to you by the Legendary Charlie Ebersberger and our resident fish whisperer Alex Perez starts at noon. We’ll have free hats for anyone who buys a St. Croix rod and anyone who does will also be entered into a raffle to win one of seven very nice St. Croix rods! Lots of good times to be had! We’ve also been busy catching fish while we aren’t getting the shop in shape! Let’s get into that now… In the Upper Bay region we’ve seen the fall transition in full effect. Lots of breaking schools of fish, especially in the early morning. You’ll be able to catch these fish in a variety of ways. Jigging in the schools of breaking fish has been really good this past week. Some other techniques that have had success have been topwater with buzzbaits, Whopper Ploppers, wake baits and walk-the-dog baits like the Shimano Coltsniper. Focusing on the grass edges in the flats has been a good area to start. You’ll catch a mix of Rockfish, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in this area. Trolling the channel edges up north has also been doing well. Near the Port Deposit/Deer Creek area anglers have had success with smaller jigs (1/2oz. w/ a 6″ BKD in natural or chartreuse color),

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – September 15th, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Hope everyone had a great week! We’ve been busy planning our Fall Events & Seminars recently and the next one scheduled is our St. Croix event on September 23rd. We’re excited to have our St. Croix rep here to demo our St. Croix rods and answer any questions you may have. You’ll be able to get your hands on several different St. Croix rods and feel how they cast/handle so you can make the right choice for your style of fishing. Every St. Croix rod sale comes with a FREE St. Croix hat and you will automatically be entered into a raffle where we’ll be giving away 7 St. Croix rods to 7 lucky winners! Raffle is at 5pm so be sure you’re around the shop at that time! Now lets get into the Fishing Report! Rockfish With cooler air temps we’ve seen water temps dropping to a 76º average in the middle-upper bay area. This will have many Rockfish feeding in the shallows early and later in the evening. Look to use topwater baits like the Stutter Step, Badonk-A-Donk, or Coltsniper topwater baits. Some areas that have been good this past week have been Hacketts Point, Love Point (in 5′-7′ of water), Thomas Point Park and the Upper Severn River (north of Round Bay) in the evening. Chumming the area has also been really good this past week. Grab a chum log, Soft Crab or cut Alewife or both and head out to Love Point,

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – September 8th, 2017

The past week has been great for fishing in the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately our brothers and sisters in other parts of the country have seen some pretty serious weather and many are preparing for more to come soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families in Texas, Florida and other areas where these hurricanes may possibly effect. We’ve had many of our friends and regular customers head down to those areas with boats and trailers to help out however they can and we are proud of that. Just goes to show you the american spirit is not dead and we’re always here to help out our fellow neighbors. Rockfish Over the last week the chum bite has been producing some good sized fish north of the bridge at Podickory Point and further north to Belvedere Shoals. There are reports of success in anywhere from 18 to 25 feet of water at the start of an incoming tide. Taking things south of the bridge, people have been doing well off Tolly Point in 23 to 28 feet of water.  Plus a good grade of fish off Dolly’s Lump in 25 feet of water. The bridge has had a good live-lining bite this week and some other good places to live-line have been Podickory, Love and Hacketts Point. Trollers up and down the Bay have been doing well by the channel edges with Clark spoons and Drone spoons on number 2 planers as well as Purple and Blue surgical hoses.

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – September 1st, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report There was a noticeable crispness to the air this morning! As we move into September and this Labor Day weekend, we start to transition from Summer to Fall! This is our favorite season here at the shop. Pretty much everything gets great right before the winter hits. Hunting season starts today! We want to remind everyone to be safe, be respectful, and be prepared as you venture out into the great outdoors in search of whatever it is you’re searching for! Rockfish This is the time of year where topwater in the Bay is really good in many places. One of the more productive topwater areas is in the northern part of the Chesapeake Bay between Port Deposit and Deer Creek. Another great spot is on the channel edges in the Susquehanna Flats. Early morning is the best time to head out and target breaking fish using either a plug or a Smack-It. Moving further south in the bay near the mouth of the Patapsco River and that area we’ve found fish on topwater later in the day around the Francis Scott Key Bridge and North Point State Park. Even all the way up near the Inner Harbor and as far south as Gibson Island near the mouth of the Magothy River. Trolling these same areas shortly after sunrise has produced some decent keepers as well. We’re hearing that small bucktails with Otter Tail trailers or small spoons have been catching fish. Another good thing to

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – August 24th, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Our 2nd Annual White Perch Open was this past Sunday and it was a huge success. We had over 200 anglers fish in the tournament and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was amazing, the fried perch was delicious and beers were ice cold! Everyone seemed to have a great time and we’re already looking forward to next year! We can’t thank Podickory Point Yacht Club enough for their hospitality and how helpful their staff was. Congratulations again to all the winners, you guys beat out some tough competition! Rockfish Trolling for Rockfish has been good recently. Some areas to target in the northern part of the bay are the Southwest side of Pooles Island and the Northeast side of Hart-Miller Island. Moving further south in the bay areas like Love Point, Baltimore Light and the Bay Bridge have all been producing decent fish trolling red surgical tubes in 25′-35′ of water. Some anglers are finding some Blues mixed in so you may want to mix some spoons in your arsenal to keep them from shredding your baits. A little tip for better success rate is to troll in an East-West direction vs. North-South. Seems to help land more fish as of late. Moving further south in the bay around Thomas Point and Chesapeake Beach they’re catching a larger mix of Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, and Rockfish but the Spanish Macks seem to be pretty prominent. Trolling drone spoons on size 1 or 2

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – August 17th, 2017

Weekly Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report What a week it has been! We’ve seen monster Black Drum being caught north of the Bay Bridge, Rockfish hitting topwater all over and the big White Perch Open is THIS SUNDAY!! Weather wise, we are looking perfect for the entire weekend and we’re super excited for the 2nd annual White Perch Open. Registration for the tournament/fish fry ends Friday, August 18th at 10pm and you can register for it here: White Perch Open. Rockfish Fishing for rockfish in the upper bay area this past week has been pretty good. Seems as if the most success came from Live-lining spot in a few key areas. The Bay Bridge pilings, Podickory and Love Point were all on fire this week. If you’re in shallower water, don’t worry about adding weight to your rig. If you’re in 25′ or deeper water, look to add an ounce or two to get down to the better class of fish. Chumming/chunking while fishing cut Alewife on the bottom did really well this week also. Some of the better spots this week were Hacketts, the mouth of the Eastern Bay and further south around Chesapeake Beach. Another great bait to use would be soft crab. If you’re not sure how to rig soft crab up, check out this video which shows you exactly how to do it! Trolling this week has been decent. Some of the deeper drop-off along the shipping channel have been producing a nicer class of fish trolling

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