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Fishing Tips and Tricks

Fishing Tips and Tricks

  • How to: Clean a Soft Crab for eating
    How to: Clean a Soft Crab for eating
     Mike shows us how to clean a soft crab for eating. It is a very easy and quick process and helps keep soft crabs fresher longer before you cook them!...
  • How to rig soft crab
    How to bait your rig with soft crab
    How to bait your rig with soft crab Fishing with soft crab in the late spring/early summer months can be very productive. It seems as if Rockfish love soft crab as much as people do! Mike shows us how to rig your set-up with soft crab and where/how to fish this bait.  What you need: How To Rig It 1.) Tie a snap swivel onto your main line (the line coming off your reel). 2.) Attach your 18″-24″ leader with #2 treble hook to your snap swivel. 3.) Attach your weight/fish finder rig above the snap swivel onto your...
  • Join Braided main line with a Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leader
    Join Braided main line with a Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leader
    Join your Braided main line with a Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leader  Alex shows us how to join your braided main line with a Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leader using three different knots. The three knots that Alex uses to do this are the Uni to Uni, The Albright and the FG knot. Many anglers will have their favorite knot to use for joining their main line to a leader, so Alex covers the pros and cons of each of these knots and shows us how to tie each one. We’ll cover the three knots in order of ease to tie. Uni to...
  • How to rig a daisy chain
    How to: Rig a Daisy Chain
     Many anglers who are trolling for trophy Rockfish will troll umbrella rigs but one of the downsides to an umbrella rig is the amount of weight you need to get the rig deep in the water column. The amount of drag that is produces by the lures (paddle tail shads with a parachute trailer with a larger paddle tail) causes the rig to want to rise to the surface. One solution is to troll a daisy chain rig which essentially does everything “in-line”, reducing drag. This allows you to run a lighter rig and get that lighter rig deeper...
  • Anglers-video-post-image
    Tandem White Perch Rig – Video Tutorial
    A Tandem White Perch Rig consists of a shad dart and a #12 gold Tony Accetta spoon that can be tied with either a perfection loop or a small 3-way swivel....
  • Anglers-video-post-image
    How To: Rig 9″ and 12″ Shad with Stinger Hooks
    Angler’s How-to Series: Rig 9″ and 12″ Shad with Stinger Hooks How to Rig 9 inch Shad with Stinger Hooks Two methods of rigging a shad with stinger...
  • Anglers-video-post-image
    Tandem Rockfish Trolling Rig – Video Tutorial
    Angler’s How-to Series: Tandem Rockfish Trolling Rig Tandem Rockfish Trolling Rig We Suggest Two 100lb Leaders: First ranging from 4ft – 10ft (an 8 foot 100lb leader is suggested). ...
  • Anglers-video-post-image
    How to Rig an Umbrella Rig – Video Tutorial
    Spring Rockfish season is here and we're showing you how to rig your very own umbrella rig. Stop by Anglers Sport Center to find everything you need to rig an umbrella rig and more....

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