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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – October 5th, 2018

   Maryland Fishing Report October 5th, 2018 October is a special time in Maryland. There are so many things to see and do that Hunters and Anglers alike may have a hard time deciding how to spend their weekends. The United States Sail & Power Boat shows are October 4-8 and 11-14 respectively. The Maryland Renaissance Festival runs through October 21st. The Maryland Fleet Week runs from October 3-9 in Baltimore and will have U.S., Canadian and British naval vessels ready for boarding in the Inner Harbor. Even with all this going on, the lure of the Chesapeake Bay and it’s rich bounties are always calling to us. Take some time this week and wet a line, make some memories, and enjoy this beautiful place we live in! Now on to the fishing report! Rockfish “Rocktober” is off to a great start so far. Conditions are perfect and we’re seeing more and more schools of breaking fish and birds working the surface. In the upper bay we’re seeing the typical hot spots producing like normal. Swan Point, Love Point, Podickory Point and the Bay Bridge have all been productive. The Patapsco River has had many reports of good fish being caught on topwater as well as jigging the submerged structure around the Key Bridge and the mouth. Live-lining Spot or Chunking Fresh Alewife in a chum slick has been working all year. Look to target Rockfish in 15′-30′ of water around the popular points (Swan, Love, Podickory and Hacketts)

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – April 7th, 2017

Trophy Rockfish Season is Nearly Here! Howdy folks! This week we’ll cover the upcoming trophy rockfish season starting next Saturday, April 15th. We’ll also cover the remaining White Perch run as well as the Shad run going on in the area. We’ve had quite a few warm days over the last few weeks, which is quite nice. That has water temps creeping into the mid to upper 50s and has the fish in active feeding moods. With decent weather predicted over the next week or so, we expect the fishing to only get better once the wind dies down. Trolling for Trophy Rockfish Trophy season starts Saturday, April 15th this year and many people are gearing up for it. We’ve got all the gear you need from Planer Boards to Rod Combos to Rigs. Many of you that attended our Trolling Seminar have a jump on the other guys out there but if you’re looking to gear up for it, we are here to help! Trolling so far in the early season has been pretty productive in the deeper channels down south as well as channel ledges as far north as Baltimore Light. The trick with this method is to spread it out first and then narrow down to what’s hitting. We’ve had good reports on white tandem rigs as well as mylar parachute rigs. Bigger fish are being located near the bottom of the water column but with an early start and warmer water temps, you’ll start to find them

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – March 15th 2017

Last Week of “Winter” Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay area! We’ve almost made it through this very mild winter and Mother Nature decided to drop some last minute cold/snow/wet nastiness. Thanks so much Momma Nature! For those of us who are braving the elements, there are plenty of fish to be caught in the Chesapeake Bay. In the last couple weeks we’ve seen the Yellow Perch spawn come and go as well as the White Perch start to make their run at it. We’ve also seen plenty of catch and release Rockfish being caught in various spots throughout the area. Yellow Perch If you’re fishing in the creeks and rivers around the area you may notice long gelatinous strands in the shallows near or on vegetation structure. What you’re seeing is the egg mass that the females have laid. The egg mass is semi buoyant and can reach up to 2 meters in length. The females will lay the egg mass and nearly simultaneously two to five males will follow behind and release their milt over the eggs. The average clutch size is around 20,000 eggs but can range from 10,000-90,000 eggs! Once the eggs have been laid, the females leave immediately but the males will hang out for a little while (a few days to a week). The eggs will generally hatch in 8-10 days but can take up to 21 days to hatch. Yellow Perch do not travel far in their life time. They will move in and out

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