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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – May 10th, 2017

Fishing Report for the Chesapeake Bay area Anglers Sport Center

Your fishing report for the Chesapeake Bay & surrounding area This weekend looks to be pretty messy weather wise as there is rain predicted Thursday, Friday and all day Saturday. The best opportunity to get outside looks to be on Mother’s day which would be a nice way to spend it with all those amazing moms out there. We were planning on having a fun crabbing event & seminar this Saturday but with rain in the forecast we unfortunately have to postpone it. We will be announcing a new date for this event later this week. Rockfish The past week was another slow week for Trophy Rockfish in the Upper to Mid Bay area. Some of the more popular spots for trolling for trophy rockfish in the upper bay have been north/east of Love Point shipping channel and just north of the Bay Bridge in the deeper shipping channel waters. Zig-zagging across the channel using large white umbrellas has produced a few keepers but not much to speak of. Some of the best fishing has been chumming/chunking on the steep channel ledges off Podickory point or on the deeper side of Hackett Point. Sandy Point has reports of decent Rockfish in the 20″-30″ range using cut bunker off the rock jetty. These will be keepers in 6 days! Matapeake Pier was also a pretty good spot later in the day using bloodworm or cut bunker. Trolling in the lower bay area was still productive with reports of nice keepers caught near buoy 72

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – May 5th, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Anglers Sport Center Annapolis Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report This past week has been a tough week on the bay due to weather. With small craft advisories and windy/rainy weather in the forecast, this weekend isn’t looking much better. If we look at the extended forecast, it looks a bit better into next week so keep your heads up! We’re nearing the end of trophy season and with the better weather coming, we’re thinking this week will be a decent one for those targeting trophy rockfish. Rockfish As of yesterday, the new regulations are in effect when it comes to Rockfish. Closed areas include the Susquehanna flats (from the mouth of the Bush River north), tidal rivers such as the Chester (from the north point of Love Point over to Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge), the Choptank, the Patuxent, the Nanticoke & the Wicomico. The catch and release area for the upper bay starts just north of Rock Hall on the eastern side of the bay and cuts across towards North Point and then south to Hickory Point. This area up to the Susquehanna flats which includes the Patapsco river is catch and release through May 15th. Other catch and release areas include the Magothy, Severn and South rivers and on the eastern side, Eastern Bay & the Narrows are C&R areas. To get the complete rundown on restricted zones go here. We expect the trolling bite to be the same in the upper bay area over the next week. The more popular spots have been just north of Love Point and

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How to bait your rig with soft crab

How to rig soft crab

How to bait your rig with soft crab Fishing with soft crab in the late spring/early summer months can be very productive. It seems as if Rockfish love soft crab as much as people do! Mike shows us how to rig your set-up with soft crab and where/how to fish this bait.  What you need: How To Rig It 1.) Tie a snap swivel onto your main line (the line coming off your reel). 2.) Attach your 18″-24″ leader with #2 treble hook to your snap swivel. 3.) Attach your weight/fish finder rig above the snap swivel onto your main line. 4.) Quarter your live soft crab by first cutting it in half down the back between the eyes, then cutting each half, in half the other direction. 5.) Hook the backfin area of one of the quarters on the hook then put another hook through the center of whats left hanging. 6.) Secure the bait on the treble hook by using 2-3 bait bands. That’s it! You can fish this bait much like you would fish other cut bait or chumming/chunking when targeting Rockfish.

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – April 28th, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report - Anglers Sport Center

Here comes the sun! After a string of cool, rainy days it seems as if the weather is going to cooperate for some good fishing this next week. Water temps have cooled a bit due to the rain but with a stretch of warmer, sunnier days we should start to see the bite pick up nicely. This week we will cover whats going on with Trophy Rockfish in the bay, Shad and Perch fishing, coastal fishing for Blues, Flounder and short Rockfish as well as what’s going on with freshwater fishing in the area. Trophy Rockfish Season Trolling has been slow going so far this year but we’re seeing signs that it’s picking up. The early trophy season was tough fishing with poor water clarity in the upper bay area but the bite is heating up. North of the Bay Bridge has seen a good Chumming/Chunking bite with reports of many fish being caught in the 27″-35″ range. Fishing off Sandy Point, Matapeake or the Narrows at night on an incoming tide using cut bunker has been productive as well. Trolling in this area has been gummed up with jellies but they’re moving further south every day. Anglers in the area will find paddle boat races going on between the two spans of the bridge on Saturday from 8:30-noon so be aware of that. In the middle bay area trophy Rockfishing is heating up! More and more of the trophy Rockfish are moving out of the spawning areas and using the shipping channels to

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How to: Rig a Daisy Chain

How to rig a daisy chain

 Many anglers who are trolling for trophy Rockfish will troll umbrella rigs but one of the downsides to an umbrella rig is the amount of weight you need to get the rig deep in the water column. The amount of drag that is produces by the lures (paddle tail shads with a parachute trailer with a larger paddle tail) causes the rig to want to rise to the surface. One solution is to troll a daisy chain rig which essentially does everything “in-line”, reducing drag. This allows you to run a lighter rig and get that lighter rig deeper in the water column. Rigging your own daisy chain is relatively easy with the right tools. Let’s cover everything you will need to make your own awesome daisy chain. What you need: How to rig it up: 1.) Cut a leader at about 6′-8′ out of 80lb-100lb leader material. 2.) Attach your parachute to the line with a crimp by passing the leader line through the crimp, then through the lure, then back through the crimp leaving a small loop gap between the leader and the lure. Don’t apply too much pressure to the crimp, it may compromise the leader line. Just make sure the leader line won’t come free when a nice pull is applied to the line. 3.) Measure 12″-18″ back and mark with your finger to put the first crimp on. Slide crimp down the leader line and apply enough pressure to fasten the crimp to the leader

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Countdown to Trophy Rockfish Season

Countdown to Trophy Rockfish Season With Trophy Rockfish season opening this Saturday, April 15th, we wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite items for the spring season. Whether it’s gear, tackle or bait, we are stocked up and ready for the season. Here are a few things that we carry that you may need to get before this weekend! 1.) Custom Okuma SLX-15L/Ande Stand-up Combo This combo is perfect for landing that Trophy Rockfish while trolling this season. The Okuma Solterra SLX Lever Drag Reels utilize thrust bearings to deliver a powerful graphite-framed family of lever drag reels with exceptional drag performance. It has stainless steel main gears, pinion gears and shafts as well as a carbonite drag system.  We’ve paired this with the Ande Stand-up trolling rod for an all-round great combo that keeps your gear small and lightweight without giving up power. 2.) Umbrella Rigs One of the most productive trolling lures in the bay is the umbrella rig. We’ve been custom making these Mylar Umbrella Rigs for quite some time now and they’re as popular as ever. They come in either mylar bunker or mylar chartreuse and range in size 12” up to 20” with 4 or 6 arms. We also carry all of your traditional parachute umbrellas in almost every size & style.  For those looking to create your own custom umbrella rigs we carry all component parts! 3.) Single Parachutes Parachutes come in a variety of sizes, colors and head shapes. We

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