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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – November 17th, 2017

Your weekly fishing report for the Chesapeake Bay~ Rockfish Over the last week we’ve had a decent cold front come through which shut the bite down for a couple days. The front dropped main bay water temps down to the high 40ºs in the upper bay and the low 50ºs in the lower bay. With that, many of the better quality fish have been caught in the southern bay area near Solomons, Point Lookout and the Hoopers Island area. In the middle bay area, we’ve seen the best fishing between the Magothy River and the Chester River. Trolling Trolling in the middle bay area has produced not only the most fish over the last week, but the best quality fish as well. Anglers trolling the Addiction Baits 6oz (4oz/2oz) tandem Purple head/White Shad rig had good success. Areas like the mouths of the Magothy and Chester rivers as well as the Eastern Bay area. One thing we’d like to suggest this week is GO BIG! Over the last couple days we’ve had anglers report fish over 40″+ so the 9″ baits can start to come out! Topwater Overall, topwater has been relatively slow going this year. One of the better areas that is still producing some decent topwater action would be in the Patapsco near the Key Bridge and the Inner Harbor. Anglers in 5′-10′ of water near submerged structure in the Magothy, 7ft Knoll, and even in the Eastern Bay near Poplar Island have all had success. Try using

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Anglers Chesapeake Fishing Report 7/22/2016

Howdy guys and gals! Along comes another fantastic week of fishing here in the Chesapeake. The striper bite is still red hot trolling, jigging, and chumming primarily north of the bridge but also things are picking up south of the bridge. As far as a trolling bite goes, small buck tail tandems and surgical hoses have been the way to go for sure picking up fish up to 36” along the mud flats these schools of fish are congregating on. Most people trolling are still running planer boards as the obvious comes into play (bigger spread, bigger opportunity) in 20-50’ of water. I would tell you, you could probably catch a limit of fish on nothing but deck rods but if you have the rods to spare don’t be lazy, drop the boards and run them. A lot of the bigger fish we have been seeing have come off of the boards 4-8 bars back depending on the amount of inline weight we are running and that changes daily depending on the amount of boat traffic out there. Stealth is a crucial part of catching bigger fish which is hard to do when trolling so the further you can get lines away from the boat and give the most natural presentation possible the better in most instances. There is always going to be the anomaly bite like we experienced earlier this week where every fish came off the inside rods but it is a rarity. North of the bridge has

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