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White Perch Open

2018 WPO Tournament Results

Adult Division

1Hanford, Rob5.02
2Byerly, Patrick4.87
3Harrell, Brad4.65
4Ireland, Todd4.62
5Abboud, Alexander4.53
6Slosman, David4.5
7Abboud, Noel4.27
8Harrell, Ronnie4.15
9Harrell, Gilbert4.11
10Timm, Perry Allen4.07
11Horson, Jeffry4.06
12Shoemaker, Glen4.04
13Gebhard, Christina4.02
14Antlitz, Mark3.93
15Koretic, Ivan3.88
16Ma, Stan3.83
17Savage, Chase3.8
18Cicero, Denise3.79
19Litschewski, James3.77
20Pumphrey, Roger3.69
21Keller, Dylan3.66
22Cicero, Tony3.6
23Sykes, Jack3.57
24Tomasik, Michael3.54
25Chaney, Michael3.5
26Tilman, Stuart3.49
27Brown, Dale3.46
28Long, Francis3.46
29Koretic, Zeljko3.45
30Harrell, Anne3.44
31Mingo, RJ3.43
32Evans, Ronald3.4
33Marsh, Brian3.39
34Schatzle, Terry3.33
35Sparkes, George3.3
36Wood, Chip3.3
37Hanlan, Dorothy3.25
38Fountain, Wayne3.23
39Baden, David3.2
40Hartge, Joe3.19
41Richardson, Ed3.19
42Treasure, Michael3.15
43Hedges, Tommy3.09
44Driscoll, Matt3.08
45Tomasik, Julie3.03
46Bogarde, Miller2.99
47Fiore, Nicholas2.98
48Hammett, Adam2.94
49Espey, CJ2.909
50Sykes, Jeff2.87
51Bosley, Ben2.81
52Sartori, Jeff2.75
53Mingo, Carson2.71
54Barber, Isaac2.7
55Collins, Britt2.69
56Hoover, Dawson2.69
57Haddaway, Bradley2.67
58White, Adam2.67
59Gee, Eric2.66
60Widmayer, JW2.66
61Sanders, AJ2.55
62Younker, Dale2.55
63Boccabello, Patrick2.51
64Lewis, Travis2.5
65Carmi, Summer2.46
66Harden, Blake2.46
67Casey, Gavin2.43
68Schrum, Maria2.43
69Grace, Adam2.39
70See, Stephen2.36
71Younker, Andrew2.35
72Bocabellow, James2.34
73Jenkins, David2.3
74Haddaway, Branden2.29
75Evans, John2.24
76Walker, Kevin2.23
77Maggio, John2.22
78Krause, Ryan2.17
79Hartge, Joey2.14
80Sanders, Aaron2.12
81Schmidt, Brian2.1
82Breen, Shane2.09
83Stevenson, Charles2.06
84Richter, Terry2.03
85Hoff, David2.02
86Cox, Ryan2.01
87Nolan, Glen1.91
88Fink, Kevin1.87
89Howard, Ryan1.83
90Mullins, Jennifer1.82
91Salvail, Ryan1.8
92Smack, Tom1.8
93Tossie, John1.73
94Mullins, Dustin1.72
95Poist, Joe1.66
96Hayes, Austin1.65
97Smack, Brian1.64
98Nolan, Patrick1.58
99Bertholdt, James1.29

Youth Division

1Liverette, Presley3.65
2Haddaway, Branden3.5
3McAdoo, Bentley3.27
4Kelley, Bennett3.16
6Lewis, Caden2.97
7Collins, Alex2.79
8Jordan, Dylan2.73
9Evans, Leland2.705
10Barbrick, Cameron2.7
11Collins, Brennen2.66
12Mullins, Cameron2.64
13Bergner, Ava2.58
14Hardy, Ben2.52
15Franz, Jaeger2.43
16Carmi, Landon2.42
17Lipton, Luke2.4
18Maillard, Conrad2.39
19Salvail, Nolan2.36
21Jordan, Ryan2.3
22Barbrick, Abe2.26
24DeMattio, Dylan2.22
25Grace, Chelsea2.01
26Jones, Connor2
27Michels, Harry2
28Rhodes, Grant1.94
29Haddaway, Collin1.9
31O’Connor, Landon1.84
32Bouadjemi, Derek1.83
33Poist, Brooke1.8
34O’Connor, Logan1.46
35Grimm, Ben1.44
36Poist, Joe1.39
37Hipp, Keith1.34
38Grimm, Emma1.3
39DeMattio, Jesse1.07

Longest Fish

Liverette, Presley – 12.5″
Byerly, Patrick – 12.5″
Casey, Gavin – 12.4″
Gebhard, Christina – 12.25″
Martin, Brad – 12″
Driscoll, Matt – 11″

2018 White Perch Open - August 19th, 2018


You must register above and have a paid entry by 10:00pm Friday, August 17th. Individual Tournament entries are $40. Individual Adult party tickets are $20. Individual Children (under 12) Tournament entries are $10. Individual Children party tickets are $5. Tournament Anglers are covered for the party. Individual party tickets get you in the party and cover food/drink. There are no team entries allowed. Entries are non-refundable.


On the water rules

1. Rain OR Shine, we’ll be fishing for White Perch on August 19th, 2018!
2. Fishing from shore, boat, kayak, or any other location in the Chesapeake Bay is accepted.
3. Tournament anglers may catch White Perch with any type of rod & reel method. No casting nets or netting of any kind is accepted.
4. Tournament anglers will be submitting a total of 5 fish for the Individual (Adult & Children) Division. The fish must be caught on the day of the tournament. Highest total weight of 5 fresh fish will determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each division (Adults & Children Division). Each fish will only be weighed once.
5. Anglers can submit one White Perch to be measured for the Longest Fish Award. Longest Fish submission can be counted towards the total weight in the Individual Division.
6. All fish must be weighed in during the official weigh-in time (1pm-3pm) to be valid for prizes.
7. A limit of 5 White Perch per person will be filleted for the party. No White Perch under 9” will be filleted for the party. Please keep any extra Perch either in your cooler or on your boat.

2017 WPO Tournament Results

Adult Division - 1st Place - Stan Ma (3.83lbs)
Adult Division - 2nd Place - Dylan Keller (3.81lbs)
Adult Division - 3rd Place - Gilbert Harrell (3.78lbs)
Longest White Perch - Jim Litschewski (11 7/8")
White Perch Open June 8, 2017

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