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White Perch Open

Anglers Annapolis White Perch Open

Tournament Results

Adult Division - 1st Place - Stan Ma (3.83lbs)
Adult Division - 2nd Place - Dylan Keller (3.81lbs)
Adult Division - 3rd Place - Gilbert Harrell (3.78lbs)
Longest White Perch - Jim Litschewski (11 7/8")
Youth Division - 1st Place - Gage Harrell (3.65lbs)
Youth Division - 2nd Place - Miller Bogarde (2.82lbs)

Adult Division

Name (Last, First) Weight Length
Ma, Stan 3.83
Keller, dylan 3.81
Harrell, Gilbert 3.78
Harell , Brad 3.74
Marsh, Brian 3.71
Tomasik, Julie 3.69
Seabrease, Brandon 3.67
Kambouris, Steve 3.64
Thompson, Rob 3.64
Tomasik, Michael 3.64
Colbus, Jeff 3.6
Long, Francis 3.48
Bosley , Ben 3.47
Insley, Kenny 3.38
Darwin, Peter 3.37
Charles, Martin 3.32
Cicero, Anthony 3.32
Richardson, Ed 3.26
Slosman, David 3.22
Edwards , Jeff 3.16
Fisher, Russell 3.1
Fountain, Wayne 3.04
Baden, David 3 10.25
Hohn, Cody 2.98
Antlitz, Mark 2.96
Cicero, Denise 2.95
Kiffer, Timothy 2.93
Peditto, Paul 2.9
Younker , Andrew 2.89
Kiffer, Joshua 2.83
McCray, Keith 2.81
Faulkner, John 2.77
Cesare, Jim 2.73
Maggio, John 2.71
Fletcher, Robert 2.69
Fiore, Nicholas 2.68
Lichtenberg, Matt 2.68
Lichtenberg, Matt 2.68
Scott, Reese 2.68
Phipps, Louis 2.67
Schwenk, Luke 2.67
Smith, Steve 2.66
Cooper, Dana 2.6
Monaldi, Kathy 2.55
Gee, Eric 2.54
Avedon, James 2.53
Bland, Bo 2.52
Foxwell, Brad 2.45
Billings, Evan 2.39
Chaney, Michael 2.37
Doyle, Aidan 2.31
Verbanic, Nicholas 2.31
Casey, Gavin 2.26
Cain, Josh 2.24
Russum, Dylan 2.24
Runkle, Jeff 2.21
Frans, Matt 2.18 9.5
Sanders, AJ 2.18
Martin, Glenn 2.08
Breen, Shane 2.07
Jubb, Cory 2.06
Pitta, Charlie 2.06
Harrington, Sean 2.04
Goodman, Jamie 2.01
Rhodes, Paul 1.94
Thomasson, Michael 1.91
Sanders, Aaron 1.88
Maillard, Vince 1.86
Hawkins, Dickie 1.84
Musgrave, Ryan 1.84
Renfro, John 1.83
Reyeur, Beth 1.82
Reyeur, Charles 1.82
Armstrong, Jason 1.81
Pitta, Tom 1.75
Poist, John 1.74
Freeman, Quinn 1.71
Phelan, Nicholas 1.66
Sargent, Jensen 1.65
Poist, Chad 1.58
Thomasson, Eric 1.46
Poist, Joe 1.39
Butler, Bryan 1.38
Foxwell, Lisa 1.3
Miller, Linda 1.28
Bosley, Jeff 0
Scott, Theresa 0
Tomasik, Jacob 0
Litschewski, Jim 11.7/8
Hardick, Vincent 10.5

Youth Division

Name (Last, First) Weight Length
Harrell, Gage 3.65
Bogarde, Miller 2.82
Simpson, Jack 2.6
Franz, Jaeger 2.56
Pitta, Andy 2.44
Rhodes, Grant 2.4
Thomasson, Cole 2.36
Poist, Logan 2.3
Neboshynsky, Aiden 2.1
Yale, Mick 2.1 11.75
Maillard, Conrad 2.07
Louzon, Lex 1.93
Renfro, Zach 1.93
Renfro, Josh 1.92
Lee, Julia 1.75
Garrett, Ed 1.74
Smack, Robert 1.66
Stewart, Brooks 1.35
Stewart, Wyatt 0.85
Harrington, Chase 0.7
Harrington, Jack 0.7


Adult Division

Aaron Sanders
Aaron Welch
Adam Acosta
Adam White
Aidan Doyle
Aiden Neely
AJ Sanders
AJ Weyant
Amber Williams
Andrew Younker
Andy Hanlin
Anthony Cicero
Ben Bosley
Ben Horgan
Ben Peacock
Beth Reyeur
Brad Foxwell
Brad Harell
Brad Martin
Glenn Martin
Brandon Seabrease
Brandon Seabrease
Brandon Seabrease
Brandon Seabrease
Brian Dickerson
Brian Marsh
Brian Smack
Bryan Butler
Camrin deGast
Carson Crawford
Chad Poist
Charles Reyeur
Charlie Pitta
Chris Mans
Christian Schou
Chuck Litton
Cody Hohn
Cory Jubb
Dana Cooper
David Baden
David Brady
David Hritz
David Slosman
Denise Cicero
Denise Fitch
Dickie Hawkins
Donald A Horgan
Donald Heinbuch
Donald Horgan Jr
Dorothy Hanlon
Dylan Russum
Ed Richardson
Eric Cook
Eric Gee
Eric Thomasson
Evan Billings
Fin Franyo
Francis Long
Fred Brooks
Galen Crawford
Gary Fitch
Gavin Casey
Gilbert Harrell
Gregg Avedon
Jacob Tomasik
James Avedon
James Cesare
James Doyle
James Flanagan
Jamie Goodman
Jason Armstrong
Jeff Bosley
Jeff Colbus
Jeff Edwards
Jeff Runkle
Jensen Sargent
Jill Windsor
Jim Ahrens
Jim Cesare
Jim Kiffer
Jim Litschewsi
Joe DeiSvaldi
Joe Poist
Joey Gukanovich
John Faulkner
John Harrington
John Maggio
Josh Cain
Joshua Kiffer
Julie Tomasik
Kal Kozycki
Kathy Monaldi
Katie Leech
Katie Pettersen
Kenny Insley
Keith McCray
Kevin Miller
Kiel Fisher
Kirk Weiskopf
Linda Miller
Lisa Foxwell
Liz Thomasson
Logan Ahrens
Louis Phipps
Louis Wehage
Luke Schwenk
Mackenzie Litschewski
Mandy Davis
Margo Owen
Margo Owen
Mark Antlitz
Marshall Cruickshank
Marshall Hanlin
Martin Charles
Matt Frans
Matt Lichtenberg
Matt Lichtenberg
Matt Russo
Michael Chaney
Michael Remmell
Michael Thomasson
Michael Tomasik
Mikael Miller
Mike Chase
Molly Boyd
Nathan Oakes
Nicholas Fiore
Nicholas Phelan
Nick Verbanic
Noah Tomasik
Paul Collins
Paul Peditto
Paul Rhodes
Peter Darwin
Quinn Freeman
Rob Kendall
Rob Thompson
Robert Fletcher
Robert Lockery
Ron Lee
Russell Fisher
Ryan Gochenaur
Ryan Musgrave
Sean Harrington
Sergio Lazo
Shane Breen
Stan Ma
Steve Kambouris
Steve Smith
Steven Remmell
Summer Carmi
Theodore Robinson
Tim Wills
Timothy Kiffer
Tom Fisher
Tom Pitta
Vince Maillard
Vincent Hardick
Wayne Fountain
Zach Ditmars

Kids Division

Aiden Neboshynsky
Alex Collins
Alex Wills
Andrew Louis
Andy Pitta
Brennen Collins
Chase Harrington
Cole Thomasson
Colin Cook
Colin Gochenour
Conrad Maillard
Gage Harell
Gavin Neboshynsky
Grant Rhodes
Jaeger Franz
Jack Harrington
Jack Simpson
Jake Wills
James Smack
Johnathan Hritz
Johnathan Weiskopf
Joseph Lockery
Julia Lee
Justin Collins
Landon Carmi
Laney Morgan
Lex Louzon
Logan Poist
Max Peacock
Mick Yale
Miller Bogarde
Robert Smack


1.) Entries

You must register above and have a paid entry by 10:00pm Friday, August 18th. Individual entries are $25 and children under 12 are $5. There are no team entries allowed. Entries are non-refundable.

2.) On the water rules

A. Rain OR Shine, we’ll be fishing for White Perch!
B. Fishing from shore, boat, kayak, or any other location in the Chesapeake Bay is accepted.
C. Tournament anglers will be submitting a total of 5 fish for the Individual Division. The fish must be caught on the day of the tournament. Highest total weight of 5 fresh fish will determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each division (Adults & Kids Division). Each fish will only be weighed once.
D. Anglers can submit one White Perch to be measured for the Longest Fish Award. No Longest Fish submission can be counted towards the total weight in the Individual Division.
E. Tournament anglers may catch White Perch with any type of rod & reel method. No casting nets or netting of any kind is accepted.
F. All fish must be weighed in between 2pm-3pm to be valid for prizes.
G. No White Perch under 9” will be filleted for the party.

3.) Awards

A. Any 14” White Perch caught and submitted will be mounted and immortalized on the walls of Anglers Sport Center forever.
B. Individual Division Awards:
• 1st place (Trophy, $250 gift certificate, 1st Place Prizes)
• 2nd place (2nd place prizes)
• 3rd place (3rd place prizes)
C. Kids Division Awards:
• 1st Place (Trophy & 1st place prizes)
• 2nd Place (Trophy & 2nd place prizes)
• 3rd Place (Trophy & 3rd place prizes)
D. Longest White Perch (Trophy, Longest Fish prizes)

White Perch Open June 8, 2017

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