Yellow Perch

It’s that time of year folks the yellow perch are making their annual spawning run. The hot places to catch yellows have been at Martinek State Park, Tuckahoe and the head waters of most of the major rivers. Finding the deep holes that hold yellow perch mean you’re going to have a fun day on your hands. People jig those deep holes using shad darts tipped with a minnow, grass shrimp or Berkley’s gulp alive 1 inch minnow. Hillsboro has been another producer for spawning Yellow’s, look to use a shad dart tipped with gulp, minnows or grass shrimp either suspended under a bobber or jigging the dart along the bottom looking to fill a stringer. The best time of day is going to be an incoming or outgoing tide. I always get the question of color, what color shad dart should I use, well is simple sunny days go with a lighter color such as white cloudy days use a chartreuse color. Grab your 4 to 8Lb ultra-light outfit and go catch those yellow beauties.


Pickerel fishing is still hot and heavy right now. Look to catch these toothy creatures around submerged cover such as downed trees, rocks and submerged vegetation.  Some places to wet your line are the  creeks off of the Magothy and Severn Rivers.  Minnows suspended under a bobber have been producing these powerful fish as well as spinners such as Capt Berts spinners Mepps or Rooster tails.


Well I am sure all of you have herd that they have stocked trout at Tuckahoe a few days ago. People are catching them on small spinners casting them and working them slow along the bottom. I have found to produce the most fish is using Berkley trout dough on a size 14 treble hook with a ¼ oz. weight on the bottom.

Mike Fiore