Howdy guys and gals, it’s been one heck of a week on the bay since my last report. Chumming is still on fire during the right part of the tide. The usual suspects (Hackett’s, Tolly’s, Love, and Podickory Point) have been remaining solid contenders for keeper fish yielding spring trophies up to 44” with plenty of undersize fish to be caught as well. Just remember, you can’t keep 20” fish until the 16th so while it is still legal to use j-hooks, for the sake of our resource here on the bay from the bottom of my heart, PLEASE use circle hooks to prevent high mortality to undersize fish. Though any tide is good for a bite on bait the outgoing has been predominantly the better of the two from my own report and many anglers I talk to on a daily basis. As far as depth, it has remained consistent with 35-40’ of water being a solid area to start. Although having said that, I’ve heard rumors that the warmer water in shallow has been just as good if not better in water up as shallow as 15’ so being I don’t have photo evidence, reliable sources have concluded catching keepers inside off dolly’s lump so give it a whirl!

The light tackle bite has remained solid up until this cold front which seems to have slowed things up a bit which honestly just makes those warm water discharges that much better as bigger fish stage up on those temperature breaks as well as structure (Bridges, wink wink). Break out the BKD’s and half ounce jig heads and give that rod a good whip or barring the water temperature along the shallows it might not be a bad idea to throw a big Zara spook on a calm morning just past sunrise or last light barring conditions.

On the trolling side of things, the bite around Annapolis and Kent island is definitely improving however still slow in comparison to the fleet down south. Love point has been producing limits of fish upwards of 45” on a variety of baits primarily chartreuse as cloudy, rainy conditions settle in for the weekend. Bringing things south of the bridge is the same story only different around Hackett’s to Tolly’s in 40-60’ of water along the western edge. The “Eastern ledge” crowd is still picking away at fish off of brickhouse and gum thickets although for the most part the bite has been from 7-10 in the morning with action slowing down and then picking back up around 4-5 in the afternoon. Break out the boards, find the pattern, and get it done guys!

As far as a perch bite goes, we haven’t heard much this week but what I can tell you from my own adventures this week is that they are staged up in the local rivers in about 15-25’ of water on hard bottom (oyster beds) and with the right tackle like a sting silver or even just a bottom rig with some bloodworms or razor clams and have at it. Big black backs are a priority for fish fries and with some decent electronics and a slow drift or anchored position it can be an absolute ball. The water temp is still pretty chilly for what it should be and I wouldn’t expect to see a whole lot of active perch in the shallows hitting spinners for several weeks to come but the guys off the local piers are still catching some big white perch on bloodworms and grass shrimp.

You guys have read about the shad fishing this year. It has been absolutely unreal. The chop tank and Tuckahoe have been an absolute fish filled river with enough shad to have a fun afternoon catching and releasing for any and all who want a good hard fighting fish. DC at Fletchers has been steadily productive with plenty of American shad showing up and being caught on flies and darts and such. From what I understand the run up north in deer creek has really only started which only means an extended run! Grab your 6 pound outfits and a few darts, maybe a Nungesser spoon and go have some fun, I promise you will not be disappointed. Easy to catch, hard to fight, the poor man’s tarpon, it does not get better.

Well, that’s all I got for you guys this week. In the meantime, and as usual, stay safe and tight lines,


Capt. Avedon