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Anglers Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts For Your Waterfowl Dog

We at Anglers Sport Center are serious dog lovers! If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that our furry friends play a huge roll in the happiness in our lives. While shopping for all the special people in our lives, we can’t forget the special pooches that sit by our side! Since it’s the season of giving, we’ve put together a short list of our favorite gifts to give that pooch in your life. Take a look and stop in soon to pick up any of these special gifts for your howlin’ waterfowlin’ dog today.

Presents for your Pooch from Anglers Sport Center

Presents for your waterfowlin’ pooch!

1.) Training Whistle from D.T. Systems
Waterfowl dog training whistle available at Anglers Sport Center

Waterfowl Dog Training Whistle

2.) Deadfowl Retriever Trainers
Dead fowl retriever trainer for dogs.

Dead Fowl Waterfowl Retriever Trainer

3.) Waterfowl Training Dummies
Waterfowl Training Dummy

Waterfowl Training Dummy

4.) My Maryland Dog Collar
Angler Sport Center MarylandDog Collar

Handsome Maryland Dog Collar from Anglers Sport Center

5.) Pete Rickard’s Game Scent Duck Trainer
Duck scent from Pete Rickard available at Anglers Sport Center

Pete Rickard’s Duck Game Scent available at Anglers Sport Center

6.) Handsome Drake Dog Leash


Drake waterfowl dog leash available at Anglers Sport Center

Sturdy and good looking, this Drake dog leash will sure make your dog happy this year!

7.) Camo Drake Dog Vest
Drake Waterfowl Dog Vest

Drake Waterfowl Dog Vest

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