If you haven’t heard of YETI yet, allow us to be the first to introduce you to one of the best coolers on the market. The quality and craftsmanship are second to none and getting one of these on Christmas is like getting gold! YETI offers a range of products from gigantic ice tubs (YETI Tank 85 & 45), to fit-in-your-hand Ramblers (10 oz. Lowball to 64 oz. Bottles). Each YETI is over engineered to provide you with the best product on the market. They incorporate science with quality craftsmanship to provide you with a product that you’ll not only love, but one that you can’t live without.

YETI Products We Carry

YETI Tundra

(Roadie, Tundra 35, Tundra 45, Tundra 50, Tundra 65, Tundra 75, Tundra 105, Tundra 110, Tundra 125)

Yeti Tundra available at Anglers Sport Center

We carry the YETI Tundra in White, Blue and Tan. The largest Tundra we carry is the 125.

YETI Hopper

(Hopper Flip 12, Hopper 20, Hopper 30, Hopper 40)

Yeti Hopper available at Anglers Sport Center

YETI Hopper Flip and YETI Hopper 40 with new YETI Sidekicks!


(Tank 45, Tank 80)

Yeti Tank available at Anglers Sport Center

The best times in life seem to involve good friends, family, and a healthy supply of ice-cold drinks nearby. So YETI designed the YETI TANK to be the perfect centerpiece of all the fun.

YETI Rambler

(10 pz. Lowball, Colster, 20 oz. Tumbler, 30 oz. Tumbler, 18 oz. Bottle, 36 oz. Bottle, 64 oz. Bottle)

Yeti Ramblers available at Anglers Sport Center

The Rambler series of drinkware is the first line of YETIs you can fit in your hand. YETI over-engineered these Tumblers to be virtually indestructible and keep your drink as cold (or hot) as science allows. We carry custom dipped YETI RAMBLERS as well as the Stainless Steel.

Yeti Ramblers available at Anglers Sport Center

YETI RAMBLERS in Stainless Steel.


YETI Accessories

(Straw Lids, Rambler Lids, Bottle Openers, Beverage Holders, Rod Holders)

Yeti Accessories available at Anglers Sport Center

From YETI ICE to replacement YETI RAMBLER LIDS, we carry a nice selection of YETI accessories.



YETI Gear available at Anglers Sport Center