How to bait your rig with soft crab

Fishing with soft crab in the late spring/early summer months can be very productive. It seems as if Rockfish love soft crab as much as people do! Mike shows us how to rig your set-up with soft crab and where/how to fish this bait.

What you need:

  • 20-30lb mono/fluoro on your reel (or 15-25lb braid)
  • Snap swivel
  • 1/4oz – 1/2oz sinker
  • Fish finder rig
  • 18″-24″ fluoro leader
  • #2 Treble Hook
  • Small Black/Clear Bait Bands (come in 50 packs)
  • Fresh Soft Crab

How To Rig It

1.) Tie a snap swivel onto your main line (the line coming off your reel).
2.) Attach your 18″-24″ leader with #2 treble hook to your snap swivel.
3.) Attach your weight/fish finder rig above the snap swivel onto your main line.
4.) Quarter your live soft crab by first cutting it in half down the back between the eyes, then cutting each half, in half the other direction.
5.) Hook the backfin area of one of the quarters on the hook then put another hook through the center of whats left hanging.
6.) Secure the bait on the treble hook by using 2-3 bait bands.

That’s it! You can fish this bait much like you would fish other cut bait or chumming/chunking when targeting Rockfish.