Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report March


Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

March 21st 2015

Yellow Perch

The run is on!  Anglers have been doing well at the headwater of most of the major rivers in the upper bay.  Places like Millington, Hillsboro, Greensboro, and Beachwood Park have all been producing nice sized perch heading up the river.  Best baits have been minnows, bloodworms, and grasshrimp fished off of a spoon, shad dart, or bottom rig.

White Perch

These guys run just behind the Yellow Perch, depending on your location the run may already be in full swing.  Look to target these guys in the same areas as Yellow Perch for the next 2-4 weeks!


With water temperatures rising the ponds and fresh water rivers/creeks have become very active with crappie, bluegill, and pickerel.  Look to fish minnows, bloodworms, nightcrawlers, meal worms, or grass shrimp on your favorite shad dart, bobber, or bottom rig.


The season is approaching quick!  The colder weather hints that the Trophy Fish swimming up the bay will be making a later run giving us a longer than usual season!

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