Image: Camden and Cullen Stein caught dinner for their family this week, while Kait Mciver caught her first snakehead! Great job!

Our store is still temporarily closed, and with the Stay at Home order in place, fishing is only permitted if you plan to keep what you catch for food. Unnecessary travel is also prohibited, so please stay safe and stay close to home!

This week we talk mainly about White Perch, which can be found in the creeks and moving towards the middle bay, Snakehead, which are becoming more and more prevalent on the western shore as well as at Blackwater, and Catfish, which are in all of the rivers and parts of the main bay!

Check out our recent Snakehead Seminars for tips on spots! Please be sure to maintain at least six feet of distance from others. (That’s what all fishermen want anyway right?!) Click here to view seminars