Here comes the sun! After a string of cool, rainy days it seems as if the weather is going to cooperate for some good fishing this next week. Water temps have cooled a bit due to the rain but with a stretch of warmer, sunnier days we should start to see the bite pick up nicely. This week we will cover whats going on with Trophy Rockfish in the bay, Shad and Perch fishing, coastal fishing for Blues, Flounder and short Rockfish as well as what’s going on with freshwater fishing in the area.

Trophy Rockfish Season

Trolling has been slow going so far this year but we’re seeing signs that it’s picking up. The early trophy season was tough fishing with poor water clarity in the upper bay area but the bite is heating up. North of the Bay Bridge has seen a good Chumming/Chunking bite with reports of many fish being caught in the 27″-35″ range. Fishing off Sandy Point, Matapeake or the Narrows at night on an incoming tide using cut bunker has been productive as well. Trolling in this area has been gummed up with jellies but they’re moving further south every day. Anglers in the area will find paddle boat races going on between the two spans of the bridge on Saturday from 8:30-noon so be aware of that.

In the middle bay area trophy Rockfishing is heating up! More and more of the trophy Rockfish are moving out of the spawning areas and using the shipping channels to move out of the bay. Focus on the steep channel edges with deeper rigs, trolling deep tandems as well as umbrella rigs will do the trick. A combination of chartreuse and white have been productive and with the great weather predicted for this weekend, we think the bite will only get better. Chumming/Chunking has also been good near the mouths of the rivers such as the Choptank and Little Choptank just north of James Point.

In the southern bay area the fishing is slowly progressing as the migrating fish that have already spawned move out of the bay. The Potomac spawn was a little behind schedule, most likely due to cooler water temps but we’re seeing sings of this picking up as well. Trolling the steep channel edges is starting to produce nice fish and should only get better once the spawn is over.

Shad Fishing

The Shad run is in full effect and we expect the run to last at least another week or two. Some of the more popular spots have been in the Susquehanna river area, on the Eastern Shore near Greensboro and Red Bridges in the upper Choptank as well as the Potomac River near Fletchers Boat House. Anglers have had success with spoons, kastmasters as well as tandem rigs with shad darts. Make sure to carry several sizes of shad darts to target different areas of the water column.

White Perch

White Perch are now in their Summertime spots near deeper structure during the day and once the water warms up you can find them near dock pilings in the shallows. Many fishing the bridge have had success with bottom rigs baited with blood worms or night crawlers. Drop fly rigs also have been productive with a 1oz. weight bouncing it off the bottom. Other popular lures are the Mepps size 1 size 2, Berts Perch Pounders and Rooster tails.

Surf Fishing for Blues

The Blue blitz is on! Some seriously large Blues are being caught in the surf off the beach in OC near 122-130th streets. Cut bait like Mullet or Bunker has been very productive as well as lures such as the SP Minnow and Tsunami Talkin’ Poppers. Epoxy or Metal jigs have also been productive. The largest we’ve heard of is a 39″ Blue caught off the beach in OC and many more fish are yet to be caught!

Freshwater Fishing

With water temps on the rise, we’ve seen spawning bass in several areas and the bite is definitely heating up. With the Bass bedding up, you can catch them with pretty much any soft plastic you throw on their beds. Bright colors like white, pink or orange are good to use and any creature baits, stick worms or craws have been producing good fish recently. Some other productive baits right now have been spinner baits as well as rattle traps near grass flats. In some of the reservoirs you can use larger swim baits retrieved slow near the bottom to try and land that monster Largemouth looking for a nice large meal before spawning.