Image: Catfish can be found all over the bay and in the rivers! Pictured above are a few of our customers who shared their photos on Instagram. Thanks guys!!

As a result of the Stay at Home Order, fishing is only permitted if you plan to keep what you catch. You may fish if you are doing so to provide food for yourself and your family. Catch and release fishing and recreational boating are not permitted. Please stay safe and follow the rules!!

Catfish: The best way to catch the numbers of catfish that we are seeing all over the bay is cut bait (stock up on frozen alewife before we close on Sunday!) or power bait. They are in all of the rivers and in the main bay area around Kent Island!

White Perch: White perch are starting to move towards the main bay, but you will still find most of them up in the rivers and creeks. Try using small jigs, fish bites or grass shrimp. We have preserved grass shrimp available as well as bloodworm flavored fishbites to get you through out closure!

Snakehead: The bite at Blackwater and in the upper parts of Patuxent and the Potomac has been great! Just please remember to maintain social distance! Our Snakehead Tournament is postponed, and the last day to sign up is 4/5.  Click here for details