Image: Left: Ryan and Owen Macey had a great day of perch fishing using razor clams! Right: Owen Simm caught his first fish, a spot on Kent Island!

Rockfish: Striped Bass fishing is closed from August 16th-31st. If you are going out tomorrow to fish for them on the last day before the closure, we are getting great reports from the mouth of the Magothy River, the mouth of the Patapsco, the 7 foot knoll and the 9 foot knoll. There is a also a good bite further south at the mouth of the Eastern Bay and the top side of Poplar Island. Fish are in the low 20″ range, which is a nice size for this time of year! Live lining spot has been the method of choice for the most part, but you can also jig for them. Use your fish finder to seek them out.

Mackerel: Mackerel are the talk of the town right now! Just in time for the Rockfish closure, they are here!! They have been caught by the Bay Bridge, at Tolly Point and Hackett Point, and even in the Severn River! Your best bet of finding larger schools will likely be to head south to Thomas Point and Bloody Point. The further south you go, the more the numbers increase! Point Lookout and the Target Ship have been especially productive. Trolling #1 or #2 planers with Clarkspoons or Hard Head Custom Baits Spoons is the most popular method, but you can also catch them by casting metal jigs at breaking fish or diving birds. Cast as far as you can past the breakers, let it sink, and then reel it in as fast as you possibly can! There is no such thing as too fast with Mackerel!!

Bluefish: Bluefish are everywhere from the Bay Bridge south at this point. You will most likely catch them while trolling for mackerel. You can also fish for them with metal jigs or small paddletails. Use Z-man Diezel minnows because the Elaztech stands up to their sharp teeth!

Cobia: A few smaller sized cobia have been caught near the Target Ship, but most reports show that the larger fish are further south in Virginia waters. Trolling red surgical hoses at a slower speed is a great way to target them. Or, on calm day, sight cast for them using live eels or bucktails. Cobia tend to follow rays, so looking for schools of rays will help you to find them!

Red Drum: Small puppy drum are being caught in the shallows everywhere from Point Lookout up to the South River. Fish for them with soft plastics. Around Point Lookout, fish for larger bull reds with peeler crab!

Perch: White Perch are still everywhere! If fishing in the rivers, they will likely be on every dock that you cast towards! Use spinners like a small mepps!