Maryland Fishing Report
August, 16th 2019

Another hot Summer week is behind us and there was lots of activity out on the water! We’re finalizing all the details of our 4th annual White Perch Open today and are ready for Sunday! The forecast is looking warm so stay hydrated while out there catching your Perch! We want to thank everyone for signing up and we had to unfortunately close registration early due to the high number of registrations this year! Good luck to everyone who is registered and we will see you Sunday! Now the weekly report…


Maya and Sophie DeMella got out this past week and caught a Rockfish while live-lining Spot near the Bay Bridge! Way to go girls!

Live Lining/Chumming/Chunking

Not much has changed since last week regarding the Live Lining bite. It’s still the hot ticket this week. Some of the better spots have been just north of Swan Point, Love Point, Podickory Point and Bay Bridge pilings. A chum slick while fishing live Spot, Soft Crab, or cut bait like fresh Alewife on a 8/0-9/0 circle hook will work well in 20′-25′ of water. We’ve had reports of lots of throwbacks being caught so please handle with care and release the fish with as little handling as possible!


Anglers getting out early trolling the channel ledges from Swan Point down to the Bay Bridge have been landing some fish. Hoses, Spoons and Bucktails on planers will all work this week. Gold & Green are hot colors. Look to find fish in 15′-25′ of water early in the day and expect the bite to slow way down once the sun gets high. Water temps are dangerously high for Rockfish as the main bay temps range from 82º-85º. Rockfish are looking to stay as cool as possible and expend as little energy as they can so they are going deep during the day and feeding later in the evening through the night in the shallows.

Some of the better spots this week have been Hodges Bar, Baltimore Light and the mouth of the Eastern Bay.

Light Tackle/Topwater/Jigging

If you’re looking for some serious fun, look no further than light tackle topwater fishing for Rockfish in the shallows super early in the day. The best time is going to be before sunrise, or right around sunset/dusk. The Eastern Bay shallows (10′ or less of water) have been active with some nice keepers as well as a ton of throwbacks being caught on topwater. Jigging around the Bay Bridge (specifically around the rock piles and eastern side pilings) and Key Bridge has been working well also.

If you are getting some strikes on topwater but not landing fish, look to throw a sub-surface bait right behind your topwater baits. The Live-Target Threadfin Shad is a good little follow up bait for topwater short strikes. You can burn it through a school or slow roll it close to the bottom. Either way, it works well!

White Perch

Good news for anglers participating in our 4th Annual White Perch Open this Sunday! There are a ton of Perch being caught all over the place. We’re finding that the Perch in the rivers and creeks are a tad smaller than ones you’ll find in the main Bay waters. Piglet Perch can be found in deeper water (or water that has easy access to deep water) around structure. They’ll be holding tight to rip-rap, pilings, piers and rocky hard bottom. If you’re using bait, try Soft Crab, Bloodworms or Razor Clams on bottom rigs. If you’re fishing artificial lures, try using spinners like the Perch Hounder, Super Roostertail or a Tandem Shad Dart rig tipped with Bloodworms or Grass Shrimp.


Brecken and Evalyn landed some nice Catfish while fishing with their dad near the mouth of the Magothy River! Nice job guys!

It’s very simple. They are everywhere. They eat nearly everything. They fight like crazy. Lots of people love eating them. We’re finding nice size Channel Cats with everything from little spinnerbaits to cut bait like Fresh Alewife or Soft Crab. These fish can be found in deep water, shallow water, in the Main Bay, in the Creeks…nearly everywhere.

Some Blue Cats are being caught in the Pautuxent, the Potomac and DNR is asking for them to be removed as they are invasive.


We’ve had many reports of Spot being caught around the Bay Bridge, and further south. Look for them in 10′-15′ of water with Bloodworms on bottom rigs. They are also being caught in the Eastern Bay in 10′ of water around the mouth near Bloody Point.

A small amount of Croaker have been caught in the Eastern Bay but nothing to get too excited about. With all the fresh water we’ve had introduced to the Bay in the last few weeks, don’t expect a large amount of Croaker up this far at all this year.

Northern Snakehead

Isaac needed no help in landing his first Northern Snakehead! He caught this with his grandad Eric Packard at Calvert Cliffs State Park this past week! Way to go Isaac!

The Snakehead bite has been hit or miss lately. With high water temps, the activity really shuts down once the sun comes up and the temps rise. The bite has definitely been an early morning and late evening bite. In areas like Blackwater refuge we’re seeing a good number of smaller fish taking baits like Mepps #3 Agila, white paddletails like the Gambler EZ-Swimmer, or topwater baits like the Savage Gear Lily Ninja Mouse, in white.

The big ones seem to be sluggish and not so willing to play but they’re there for the taking! Try throwing baits like chatterbaits, buzzbaits, topwater frogs or a good ol’ Snakehead Destroyer live minnow! The big ones are more likely to bite on slow moving (even bouncing off the bottom) baits near submerged structure like lily pads or grass edges.

Blue Crabs

The Matta girls and Norman boys did well trot-lining for crabs with razor clams! Great job guys!!

Crabbing has been better on the Eastern shore side of things and slower on the Western shore. A good moving tide in 6′-10′ of water with a trotline baited with razor clams will be the most efficient way to catch a bunch. Pots or traps baited with either Razor Clams, Chicken Necks, White Perch or frozen Alewife will do the trick also. You can also hand-line for them around shoreline structure in shallow water with either necks or razor clams in a bait bag.

Largemouth Bass

Bait connoisseur Justin Fellers landed a nice largemouth while fishing a pond on the eastern shore. Justin is our ned rig champ!!

In many of the freshwater lakes and ponds throughout the area we’re finding nice Bass on baits worked slow and near the bottom. Some of the better techniques to catch them right now will be any bottom focused baits. Things like Texas-rigged creature baits or worms, dropshot minnows or worms and also ned rigs with either creature baits or small worms.

Fishing early in the morning or later in the evening will be the best times due to high water temps. Focus your efforts on ares near shoreline structure or transition points from shallow water to deeper water. Any areas that offer cover or shaded spots during the day will be better than open water.

Coastal/Off Shore Fishing

There has been great fishing going on down on the coast and off-shore this past week. Charters are docking with boxes full of Tuna, Seabass, Mahi and nice size Flounder.

Fishing off shore will get you a mixed bag of Croaker, Spot, Bluefish, Flounder and smaller Drum. Look to use Sand Fleas, Cut Squid, Mullet or Clams as bait off shore.

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