Image: Trevor Kreitzer caught several white perch in the Severn River using soft crab! Right: Anglers Pro-staff employee Alex and his friend caught their two person limit of mackerel casting metal jigs near Point Lookout.

Mackerel: Mackerel are as far north as the bay bridge! The mouth of the Severn, Hackett’s, Tolly’s, and Thomas Point are all great spots. If you head further south to Poplar Island or below, their numbers will increase. Trolling spoons on #1 or #2 planers has been a popular way to target them. Troll at least 7 mph. Since rockfish season is closed, keeping your speed up will prevent you from catching rockfish. Follow schools of bait, diving birds or breaking fish, but remember that it’s good boating etiquette to avoid trolling directly through the center of breaking fish or birds. You can also cast at the breaking fish with metal jigs. Remember that you have to reel extremely quickly!! Investing in a high speed reel would help!

Redfish (Red Drum): Small puppy drum are all over the bay. They have been caught in both the South River and the Severn River! Use perch lures to target them. Further south near Taylor’s Island, the Target Ship and the middle ground you will find large bull reds. Troll for them with surgical hoses or cast heavier jigs with plastics. We recommend pre-rigged options from Captain John or Hard Head Custom Baits.

Bluefish: Bluefish can be caught while trolling for mackerel and also by casting metal jigs. They are all over the bay from the bay bridge south. Their size and numbers will both increase the further south that you go!

Cobia: The cobia bite has slowed down, with most of the action now being in Virginia waters. Try chumming and using cut bait, or troll surgical hoses, and keep a cobia rigged with a bucktail in your car in case you spot them!

White Perch: White perch are still everywhere! Bottom fish with grass shrimp, razor clams or worms, or cast spinners towards structure.

Snakehead: There is a great snakehead bite going at blackwater, with most of the fish holding around structure such as branches and stumps. Chatterbaits have been the most popular lure. Top water, walk the dog style lures have also worked well in the morning and evening.