Fishing the Chesapeake Bay and Surrounding Area.

August is here and we’re excited because fish are biting nearly everywhere and the forecast is looking perfect to get out this weekend!


Fishing for Rockfish this past week has been great nearly everywhere. We’ve had great reports coming out of the northern bay area including the Susquehanna Flats, Patapsco River and North Point State Park. In the flats, anglers are having success early morning before the sun rises fishing topwater plugs. Once the sun is up, switch to jigging the ledges or live-lining Spot. Live lining has been doing really well lately. In the Patapsco River, the evening bite has been great fishing submerged structure with jigs or 4″ swim baits.

Fishing the Chesapeake Bay for Rockfish

A nice “hot-spot” this past week has been the Patapsco River. The evening bite has been real strong over the past few days.

In the middle bay area we’ve caught fish in a variety of places this past week. The Bay Bridge has been good early morning topwater plugging the eastern rock piles before the sun rises. Once the sun rose, we were having success jigging/live-lining the pilings on both the eastern side and western side of the bridge. If you’re trolling the area, be patient! Chartreuse colored 4″-6″ tandem rigs have been catching fish in 25′-35′ of water but you have to find them! Zig-zag over the ledges and get your baits down as deep as you can. Chumming/Chunking the Love Point area has been doing well the past week. Look for a transitioning tide early in the am or later in the evening to increase your chances of finding fish. Mid-day slack tides are better for putting your feet up, grabbing a cold beer and getting your tan on :)

Rockfish Chesapeake Bay

Steven Healy got into a few nice fish using cut bunker in the Love Point area.

A little further south in the bay we’ve heard some good reports coming from Hacketts Point, The Hill (mouth of the Eastern Bay) and just south of Thomas Point Park. Anglers were having success Chumming, Chunking and Live-Lining these areas. We’ve also heard good reports fishing soft crab in these same areas. Trolling the southern portion of the bay this week has produced a nice mix of Rockfish and Bluefish using spoons on planers.

In the southern bay area there hasn’t been a ton of success catching Rockfish but there are plenty of multi-species catches happening this past week. Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Cobia are all being caught with pretty good regularity this past week. Solomons, Chesapeake Beach and Cove Point, Buoy 72 & 72a are all good spots to go out and have a good day. Jigging the area has been successful with a 1/2oz. jig, chartreuse BKD and a little fire red glo dip on the tail end of your BKD to give it some contrast. Rockfish have been slamming this the past week!

White Perch, Spot & Croaker

Andrew Green landed a stringer full of White Perch like this 12″ with the Jamie’s Halloween Perch Pounder yesterday.

We’ve seen lots of White Perch being caught all over the bay this past week. You can pretty much grab your light tackle set-ups armed with your favorite color Bert’s Perch Pounder (Jamie’s Halloween has been doing well this past week) and have a great time all over the bay. Targeting shallow structure early in the mornings or later in the evening on a transitioning tide has been fantastic. In the middle bay area, Hacketts Point, the Bay Bridge pilings have been doing well fishing with soft crab or razor clams on top & bottom rigs. Sandy Point State Park from shore or Matapeake Fishing Pier and Romancoke Fishing Pier have all been producing a good amount of fish, especially later in the evening.

We’ve seen lots of Spot & 8″-12″ Croaker being caught in many of the tidal rivers in the mid bay region this past week. Some good areas have been the Severn River, Magothy River and the inside of the Eastern Bay area have all been doing well with blood worms on bottom rigs.

If you haven’t done so already, you should really check out our White Perch Open fishing tournament & fish fry party. Its happening August 20th, and you can register here. It’s going to be fun for the whole family! Great prizes, trophies and fried White Perch all in a beautiful location with Podickory Point as the backdrop!

Coastal Fishing

Fishing the MD/DE coast this past week has been good. Whether it’s the Inlet areas, shore fishing or off-shore charters, seems like everyone is catching fish. The inlet areas have produced lots of Flounder but most are throw-back size. Gulp Mullet has been the ticket there. Jigging with metal jigs and Z-man plastics has been good for snapper sized Bluefish in the inlet areas as well as the piers. Off shore charters have been returning with Black Drum, Big Eye, Marlin and some Thresher Shark this past week as well.

Shark anglers have had success fishing the beaches early in the morning or after dark in the evening. Big chunks of cut bait and heavier rigs have been the ticket for Sandbar and Sandtiger Shark on the shore.


We’ve seen the crabbing get better of late. Many of the tidal rivers in this area have been producing well this past week. The best times to crab are early in the morning on a moving tide. If the tide is slack, you might as well not even crab. Look to use razor clams, chicken neck or frozen alewife in your pots and give them at least an hour in the water. Target the 4′-15′ depth range and make sure its a moving tide. Don’t forget, the size limit is 5.25″ right now!