Anglers Pro-Staff Employee John and his sister Amelia have had a lot of success pickerel fishing in the Severn River! They like to use 3-4 inch Deizel Minnows on light jig heads or Vu Du 3.5″ Mullet lures!

Rockfish: Rockfish season is closed all over the bay except for the Potomac, which is open until December 31st. Catch and release fishing is still allowed in the main bay though! We are still seeing fish at the mouths of all of the rivers, but they are in deep water stacked up on the bottom. A 1-2 oz metal jig will be your best bet! You can also still troll and bait fish, just keep everything deeper!

Catfish: Bait fishing for catfish is always fun in the winter! Anchor up or fish from shore just about anywhere in the main bay using cut alewife!

Pickerel: Pickerel fishing is on fire in all of the rivers! The Severn, Magothy and Patuxent have all been fantastic! Any of the Eastern shore ponds and Tuckahoe are also good spots. Use 3-4 inch soft plastics on 1/8, 1/4 or 3/16 jig heads and fish in shallow water! Suspending jerk baits also work well and you can never go wrong with a minnow under a bobber!

Crappie: Crappie are another fun fish to catch in the Eastern Shore ponds! Use small perch jigs with twister tails, or gulp!

Yellow Perch: Every week we see more and more yellow perch showing up in the upper parts of the rivers and at places like Tuckahoe. With the warm winter that we are having, there just might be an early spawn or at least early staging! Keep an eye on the Susquehanna near Perryville, which might really start to pick up soon!

Snakehead: The snakehead bite has slowed, but there still some being caught in the Blackwater area. They are plentiful in the Severn, Magothy and Patuxent too, but it’s hard to get them to bite. We have heard of some being caught with minnows or soft plastics though, so it’s certainly worth a try!