Image: Left: Oscar Hernandez was jigging for striper in the middle bay and was pleasantly surprised to catch two puppy drum instead! He was using a 5.5″ “lickin chicken” Bust’Em Bait on a 1.5 oz Coach Jig Head. Right: Scott Hemm caught several striper slow jigging 7″ Z-man Streakz in white and chartreuse on 1 oz jig heads.

Yellow Perch: Yellow perch are schooling up near north near the mouth of the Susquehanna! They will mostly be schooled around the bridges. Use live minnows, a tandem rig with a small curly tailed plastic, or a small vertical jig (try the new one from 13 fishing with a glow stick insert!) You will also find them in the upper parts of the rivers and in the creeks, particularly off of the Severn River.

Catfish: You can also catch a lot of large Blue and Channel Catfish near the mouth of the Susquehanna. Floating cut bait will be your best bet. For Flathead Catfish, use live Bluegills!

White Perch: White Perch can still be found around the Bay Bridge Pilings. Try a vertical jig (Such as, again, the one from 13 Fishing) in 15-20 feet of water.

Walleye: Walleye are being caught near the Conowingo Dam! Use an inline sinker with about 18 inches of line and small jig (1/8-1/4 oz) with a small curly head.

Rockfish: The fishing in our mid-bay area has slowed down a bit, but the rock piles have still been holding keeper sized fish. Use a 1 oz jig head with a 6-7″ profile bait. Stick to white or smokey colors. Larger concentration of Rockfish will be further south. From the Patuxent down to the Maryland line will be your best bet. A metal vertical jig or a realistic plug can also work well!