December 28th, 2018

As we head into the new year we reflect on all the highs and lows from 2018. We make resolutions and new year goals. We strive to get better. We learn from last year and push to make 2019 an even better year. We work towards making Anglers the best possible hunting and fishing shop around. We are ultimately here for you, our customers to have more success on the water or in the field. We are planning to make 2019 our best year yet with an online shopping experience and even more great things down the road!

Yellow Perch

Donald Lorden was busy this week and landed this nice Yellow Perch in Middle River. Caught on a double drop bottom rig with minnows!

Yellow Perch fishing was productive this past week. These fish were being caught in/around shallow structure in many of the tidal creeks in the area. As winter settles in, you will find more and more of them moving into deeper pockets in tidal rivers and creeks where they’ll spawn in late February to early March.

Some of the better spots to target them this week were in Tuckahoe Creek, Red Bridges, the Bush River and Middle River. The best way to catch these fish is with a minnow under a slip bobber. Another effective technique is with a shad dart or a 1/16th oz. VMC Hot Skirt Jig tipped with live bait like bloodworm or minnow. Little spoons and Mepps spinners will also do the trick.


Donald Lorden landed a nice Pickerel with a minnow in Middle River this past week. Nice fish Donald!

Pickerel are being caught in many of the area’s tidal creeks and rivers this past week. They have also been caught in many of the freshwater lakes and ponds all over the state. You will find a good majority of them around shallow structure with either a minnow under a bobber, a Mepps spinner bait, a small jerk bait or in some cases a glide bait!

Some of the better places to find Pickerel this past week were in Middle River, Tuckahoe Creek and the Choptank River.

Largemouth Bass

Eric Packard landed a few Bass fishing some Southern Maryland ponds this week. This one was caught with a spinnerbait with a white Mr. Twister Grub trailer.

A good number of bass were caught this week while fishing some of the area’s freshwater lakes and ponds. In general fishing is slow and cold but there are still fish being caught! Working baits slow and low around shallow structure and bottom transitions will be the best plan this week.

Using slow sink or floating jerk baits will work well this week.

Share your catch!

We’d love to share what you catch! Send your photos with some basic info (your name, location, bait/technique) and any other info you’d like to share to By sending your images you are giving us permission to use them online. If there are any children under 18 we need their parents permission before posting any images online!

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We thank all of our loyal customers and readers of Anglers Sports Center. We are excited about 2019 and what the future holds for us all!