Left: Tuckahoe is a great winter fishing spot! Tim Kirschner shared this beautiful bass that he caught there. Right: Steve Salanik has been catching a crazy amount of Pickerel in the Patapsco River! Thanks for sharing!

Yellow Perch: Before the rain hit this week, we were getting good reports of Yellow Perch from Denton up through Greensboro. If you are able to go by boat, your best bet for catching them will be with minnows on a bottom rig in deeper holes. Grass Shrimp also work well! Some Yellow Perch are also being found in the Federalsburg area up to Idylwild.

Pickerel: Tuckahoe is still a great spot for both Pickerel and Large Mouth Bass. While the rain has thrown things off a bit in Tuckahoe creek, it should pick back up as water levels stabilize. Pickerel can also be found in the areas mentioned for Yellow Perch, and will bite on the same type of baits!

Crappie: While it’s been on and off, we are getting reports of Crappie being caught in the Magothy and out of Beachwood. Minnows will work well here too, or you can use a small shad dart (down to 1/64 oz) or feather jig on a bobber.

Rockfish: Catch and release rockfishing has been hit or miss, but we are hearing of some nice fish coming out of the Patapsco/the Inner Harbor area. A larger size paddle tail (up to 10 inches) on a lighter jig (1 oz) will work well.