Image: Braving the Cold at Tuckahoe paid off for Anglers Pro-staff Employee Alex and his friend Kyle!

Perch: This week is all about preparing for the Perch Run! Both Yellow Perch and White Perch should start spawning in the upper parts of rivers and creeks any day now with the warm weather that we have coming in! Be sure to check out our Run to the Perch Run video series for tips on where and how to fish for them! 

Pickerel: You will most likely catch pickerel while fishing for Yellow Perch! They are still in all of the rivers and Eastern Shore pond. The key right now is a very slow retrieval, and live minnows help too!

Large Mouth Bass: Similar to pickerel, a slow retrieval is key for catching this fish in colder water. Try any of the Eastern Shore Pond!