Yellow Perch: We are getting reports of Yellow Perch moving up the creeks! You’ll find most of them mid-way up the creek in deeper holes at this point. The Eastern Shore has been especially productive. Some good spots have been the Upper Choptank and Chester Rivers, Greensboro down to Denton, and Unicorn Lake. Further south, the Federalsburg area is also heating up. On the western shore, we are seeing them in the upper parts of the Magothy and Severn. Beachwood has been hit or miss, but if you are on a boat or kayak Cypress Creek and Ross Creek have been good spots.
Heading north to the mouth of the Susquehanna will also produce good numbers of fish! The flats and the Bush River have been good spots for Yellow Perch. While most areas require boat access, you can also try the piers at Perryville!
Use a shad dart rig or bottom rig with live minnows or grass shrimp. Bust’em bait stingers work very well for an artificial lure. Put them on a 1/32rd or 1/16th oz jig head. If you are fishing in very shallow water, use a  bobber with a shad dart and a grass shrimp or minnow!

Pickerel: You can also catch pickerel in any of the areas mentioned above! The Patuxent River has also been an especially good spot. Try using the yellow perch patterened Rapala X-rap to target larger fish!

Rockfish: The Bay Bridge pilings are still producing some fish, as well as the waters by the Power Plant in Calvert County. Use a 1 oz jig head with a larger, 10 in. profile bait. Remember to release your fish safely!

Snakehead: Snakehead fishing is beginning to pick up! Minnows will be your best bet this time of year since they are still pretty sluggish.
We carry Snakehead Destroyer Minnows from the Bait Boyz!

Be sure to join us tomorrow at 3:30 for our first of two Snakehead Seminars!