Image: LJ from G-Eye Jigs and Travis Long were fishing the channel ledges in open water on the Chesapeake this week. They caught these beautiful rockfish on 1.5 oz G-Eye jigs jig heads paired with Z-man hot chartreuse XLs and 7 inch Diezel Minnowz. LJ and Travis will be giving a seminar during our Spring Kickoff Event next weekend called “New Tips and Tactics for the 2020 Season.” Z-man products will be buy one get one free. Click here for more details.

Yellow Perch: Because of the rain and wind this week, it was not a great week for Yellow Perch fishing, but it will pick up as the weather improves! The best spots continue to be the up at mouth of the Susquehanna River, the flats and the Perryville area. We’ve also gotten some good reports from Beachwood park on the Magothy. They will most likely be in deeper water now because of the rain, so fish around ledges in 15-20 feet of water.  Use 1/8 oz tandem jigs with live minnows or plastics like Bust’Em Baits stingers with some scent.

White Perch: Beachwood has actually been as a great spot for White Perch, as well as Matinak Park on the Eastern Shore!  Use small jigs, 1/64 or 1/32 oz, with grass shrimp. Click here for a video on how to rig and fish with grass shrimp!

Pickerel: Great spots for Pickerel right now are the Severn and the Magothy (go to Beachwood with waders if you can’t get out on a boat), Tuckahoe Creek and Greensboro. Use minnows, a mepps spinner, or a  Rapala X-Rap. Our favorite is the yellow perch pattern!

Rockfish: We are seeing some nice, 40-50 inch Rockfish being caught and safely released down near the Power Plant, but it has been somewhat hit or miss. If you don’t want to run that far south, the Bay Bridge pilings are holding fish. You can also fish the channel edges all around the bay, the fish are still there! Use 1-2 oz jig heads with a 10″ soft plastic like BKDs or Bust’em baits.

Snakehead: Snakehead fishing is really picking back up on warmer days! They will become active as the water heats up, so afternoon will usually be the best. All of the bridges at Blackwater are good spots. Use live minnows or chatterbaits. We especially love the new weedless chatterbaits from Addiction!