Left: The big migratory fish have moved into the lower bay! Travis Long and Shane Cole found them using 1oz G-Eye Jigs jig heads with Zman Streakz XL in hot chartreuse! Right: Anglers Owner Mike caught this nice pickerel along with several smaller fish from his dock on the Magothy River! He was using an Anglers custom pickerel spinner! Also, a fleece lined hat, Beretta windproof sweater and wool fingerless gloves are essentials for winter fishing!

Rockfish: The big news this week was the large migratory rockfish that have moved into the lower bay! They can primarily be found around the Point Lookout area, in southern Maryland and Virginia waters. They are moving around a lot, so it can be a real chase to find them. Search channel ledges and look for birds! Big baits will be the ticket! Try 7-10 inch plastic on 1.5-2 oz jig heads.

Pickerel: The rivers, creeks and eastern shore pond are still full of pickerel! We still love to fish for them with 3-4″ paddletails on 1/8, 3/16, or 1/4 oz jig heads. However, as water temperatures continue to drop, you may find that the bite slows down. This is when minnows because an excellent option! Use them on a bobber float, or put one on a small, 1/16-1/8 oz jig head and bounce it along the bottom. You can also hook one on a tony spoon and do a slow steady retrieve!

Yellow Perch: Reports are still hit or miss for yellow perch. You can definitely find them catch them in the upper parts of the streams or in Eastern Shore mill ponds, but we’re not yet seeing spawn numbers. Keep an eye on the typical spots like Red Bridges, Perryville, Greenboro and Hillsboro for numbers to start increasing!