Image: Anglers Pro-Staff Employee Ethan has been braving the cold to Pickerel Fish on his Kayak!

Trout: DNR trout stocking is still in effect! Cast and retrieve small spinners such as a size 0-3 mepps and rooster tails, or use an artificial bait rigged on a small split shot sinker. We love Powerbait Trout dough and Trout “eggs!”  Worms also work well for trout. We have redworms in natural, chartreuse and garlic varieties. Click here for info on DNR trout stocking.

Pickerel: Colder temperatures mean that pickerel become very sluggish. Minnows will be a good bait to use during these colder weeks. If you are fishing a cast and retrieve style lure such as a paddletail on a 1/8, 3/16 or 1/4 oz jig head, or a mepps spinner (Mepps #3 works great!) You will want to slow your retrieve down quite a bit. A Rapala Rip Stop also works very well for cold water pickerel! We recently posted an on the water video on how to catch pickerel! Click here to view it. 
The Severn River, Magothy River and Patapso River are great places to target pickerel, along with Eastern Shore ponds such as Tuckahoe, Johnson Pond and Smithville Lake.

Perch: Spawning season for both Yellow Perch and White Perch will be here soon! It’s always hard to know exactly when the “Perch Run” will begin, but we’ve been hearing decent reports from the Marshy Hope around Federalsburg, and Tuckahoe Creek (accessible by shore in Hillsboro and Greensboro), so that is a good sign! Rigging a minnow on a perch jig under a bobber is always a great way to target both yellow and white perch in the the creeks during this time of year. Starting on February 8th, we will be sharing videos about Perch fishing and will have all of the gear that you will need on sale in the store! Stay tuned for details!!