Image: Left: Brian Dalgliesh and his son Bradley used fish bites on sabiki rigs to catch 5-7” spot, then followed last week’s fishing report and headed north of the bridge to live line. Bradley reeled in a 23” and 24” rockfish! Great job Bradley! Right: Kierce and his mom Brittany stopped by the store for some new lures and Kierce caught this beautiful white perch fishing off of Sandy Point! Way to go Kierce!

Rockfish: For about a week, the area north of the bridge around Swan Point, Rock Hall and Tolchester was the place to be for rockfish, but that bite has slowed down quite a bit. Until we hear word of them schooling up in a specific area again, your best bet will be to live line spot at the bridge or any of the popular points such as Love Point, Tolly Point, Hackett’s Point and Thomas Point. Jigging and live soft crab will be effective too. Don’t be afraid to move around! If you aren’t marking fish, try a different area! Heading north Pooles Island will also most likely be worth the trip. There is still a really good topwater bite around Poplar Island in the morning and evening hours, although they are mostly schoolies with just a few low to mid 20s mixed in. Heading further south in the bay, the shallow water bite has been good. Use smaller sized jig heads with 3-5 inch paddletails along shoreline rip rap.
Keep in mind that the mortality rate for released rockfish is high in the heat, and there are many other species to target! Such as…

White Perch: White perch are everywhere! Fish for them in both the main bay and the rivers and creeks around structure using spinners such as Perch Pounders or Super Roosters, or use a Chesapeake Sabiki Rig over hard bottom or oyster beds. The area around the bridges in the Severn River has been a great spot for them, so Jonas Green would be a good shore fishing option!

Spot/Croaker: Spot and croaker are in the area, but they are still all pretty small in size. You can catch them with Chesapeake Sabiki Rigs or bloodworms, grass shrimp, trout worms or fish bites on a bottom rig!

Cobia: The cobia bite is really the talk of the area! While you may be able to catch them a bit further north, your best bet will be to head south the Point Lookout, the Target Ships and below. Trolling for them has been hit or miss, so they are primarily being caught by chumming and fishing cut bait. You can also sight cast live eels! Fish for them in 14-20 feet of water and look for ledges and points.

Speckled Trout: The speckled trout bite continues to be good anywhere from Taylor’s Island south. Use small jig heads and paddle tails in shallow water along the shoreline. As the day goes on and water temperatures rise, you may need to move out from the shoreline a bit to secondary ledges.

Mackerel/Bluefish: Mackerel and Bluefish and starting to show up in the southern bay. Look for breaking fish and cast a g-eye jigs rain minnow or a sting silver into them and reel quickly!

Snakehead: Snakehead are in the Severn River and the Magothy River! They will bite on spinners like perch pounders or mepps, so it might end up being a fun by-catch when you are perch fishing! In the more traditional spots like Black Water and Mallows Bay, a white top water frog has worked well!!