Image: Left: Andrew Kaetzel and his friends stopped by for live spot before fishing at the mouth of the Patapsco River, they got their 5 man limit in 30 minutes! Right: Nicklas Long caught this perch while out fishing with his dad Travis!

Rockfish: Topwater fishing in shallow water continues to be successful in Eastern Bay and around Poplar and Tilghman Island, as well as down in the Tangier Sound! There has been a decent bite at north of the bridge at the mouth of the Patapsco River. It is a great place to live line spot! In our mid-bay area, the fish are still scattered. Soft crab or peeler crab would be a good choice around the bay bridge pilings or the rock piles at Love Point. Or use your fish finder to get on a school and jig!

Speckled Trout: Fishing for speckled trout in the shallow waters of the southern bay continues to be fantastic. On the Eastern shore, look for them as far north as Tilghman Island! On the Western Shore, the Patuxent River and any of the creeks near the mouth of the river has been productive. Use 1/4-3/8 oz jig heads with 4 inch paddletails. Try z-man diezel minnowz in white!

Cobia: Fishing for cobia with cut bait continues to be very popular in the lower bay. Sight casting live eels or bucktails can also be productive, but they will not always bite! When trying to spot them, remember that they often follow rays!

Bluefish: Small bluefish in the bay as far north as Love Point! Fish for them with metal jigs or paddletails (Z-man elaztech hold up very well to their toothy bite!) You can also troll for them with spoons or spoonbrella rigs!

Mackerel: We aren’t getting many reports of Mackerel in the main bay yet, but they are in pretty thick at the mouth of the bay, so they will hopefully be in the area soon! Have your number one planers and spoons ready to go for when the time comes!!

White Perch: Search for big white perch around structure and use spinners or small rat-l-traps. Over oyster beds or hard bottom, use our favorite Chesapeake Sabiki rigs or worms or razor clams on a bottom rig! There have been especially large ones around the Bay Bridge and the Key Bridge!

Snakehead: The hot weather has caused the snakehead bite to slow down. Very early morning will be your best bet, and topwater is the way to go this time of year!  Snakehead Destroyer minnows also do not disappoint!