What a wet and nasty week we had! Many local spots received 5-7″ of rain in no time at all! While the rain may put a damper on our day, it helps do two things; 1) cool the Bay off and 2) recharge the oxygen levels. This will definitely help the stress levels of the resident Rockfish as conditions were getting pretty dire for them just before the storms. We’re anticipating the runoff and the flood waters from the north to significantly change conditions over the next couple days so stay tuned! In the meantime…grab the Beatles album Abbey Road and play the classic track “Here comes the sun!” 🙂


Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining

While we didn’t get many reports from customers or charter captains this week due to literally no one fishing the past week, we’re anticipating a good week coming up! The bite was hot north of Swan Point up to Pooles Island in the shallow shoal areas there. Before the rain, Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining Spot, Perch or Eels was all working well in this area.

Good baits to use on your hook are going to be FRESH Alewife or Peeler/Soft Crab. We have plenty of fresh bait in stock so stop in before you head out. Some other upper bay areas that you should try are the Bay Bridge pilings (Eastern side), the mouths of the rivers like Patapsco, Magothy, Chester and Whitehall Bay (Hackets Point). Love Point and Podickory Point should also be producing throwbacks to small size keepers.

With the stress levels of these fish being so high, we’d like to remind anglers that catch and release should be done entirely in the water if possible. Make sure you’re using in-line circle hooks sizes 5/0-9/0 while fishing with Chum/Chunk or Live-lining.


There are some opportunities to land a few keepers trolling the mouths of the rivers and the ledges of the shipping channels from Swan Point down to Bloody Point near the mouth of the Eastern Bay. Focus on the shallower water (10′-25′) near drop offs. Some of the more common baits to troll right now are going to be size #17 Pet Spoons in gold color with Chartreuse feathers or surgical hoses in Purple or Red colors.

Jigging/Light Tackle Casting

The topwater bite has been strong in many of the areas you’d typically find topwater action in the Upper Bay. Areas like the south side of Dobbins Island, the rock piles on the Eastern side of the Bay Bridge, under the Narrows bridge and along the west coast of Poplar Island. Focus on the 10′ of water or less areas where you’re at. Find structure, rip-rap, docks, pilings or submerged structure or grass beds. Look to use Smack-it Jr.’s, Whopper Ploppers and Spooks. These will work great for topwater action. Best time to get out there is going to be before sunrise. Once the sun comes up, the bite will die off pretty quickly.

There are good jigging opportunities around many of the major bridge pilings right now. Try the Key Bridge in the Patapsco, the east side of the Bay Bridge around the rock piles and also around Thomas Point Lighthouse. Look to use a 1/2oz-3/4oz jig paired with a 6″ soft plastic trailer. Good colors right now are Chartreuse, White or Bunker colors. Look to switch things up once the runoff, stained flood waters move through the area. Switch up to Black/Chartreuse or Purples once things get cloudy.


Pro Staffer James Thompson got into some nice sized Perch earlier this week in a local creek. Nice work Jimbo!

Perch are being found all over the place recently. In many of the tidal rivers and creeks around grassy flats or submerged structure as well as in deeper water especially around shell bottom. If you’re fishing shallow (15′ or less) look to use tandem shad dart rigs, spinnerbaits, or 1/16th-1/4oz jigs tipped with Mr. Twister soft plastic trailers. In deeper water, look to use a top & bottom rig with bait like Soft Crab, Bloodworms or Razor Clams. You should find them deep around the Western side of the Bay Bridge, the Narrows Bridge and just south of Hackets Point.

Don’t forget we have our White Perch Open tournament coming up on August 19th! If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you do it before all the spots fill up this year! You can head over to the official registration page and get everything done there! Good Luck to all the tournament anglers!!

Eric Packard got a nice White Perch on a Beetle Spin with a Mr. Twister tail retrieved slow under the docks down south. Nice work Eric!


In many of the larger reservoirs anglers are finding a nice mix of Bass, Crappie and Catfish but they’re catching early in the morning or much later in the afternoon into the evening. Early in the morning you can catch them on topwater baits, shallow diving crankbaits or search baits like a rattle trap around grass beds. Large stick baits and jigs can also be worked slow on the bottom looker for a better class of fish. These fish are hot, slow and lazy right now so remember that if you’re out there during the heat of the day!

I managed to get out this week and got into a few good sized Largemouth Bass. Topwater action during the pouring rain is always good for the soul!

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