Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

Crazy week this past week with the tragic EF-2 tornado that ripped through Kent Island early Monday morning. Many of us live, work and play on the Island so it definitely touched many of us. We hope the families that were affected by this storm are OK and are getting the help they deserve. The efforts of the emergency teams helping get the community put back together haven’t gone unnoticed and we applaud the work they have done so far. It really is a comforting feeling knowing how quickly this community rises up to help one another and we are proud to be a part of it. Now it’s time for your weekly fishing report!


Limiting out in minutes is not a problem when you’re throwing soft crab at em!

The majority of the fish seemed to have moved to the western side of the bay this past week. We’ve heard great reports coming from the mouth of the Magothy River, Podickory Point and Baltimore Light all producing nice fish while chumming or chunking. The best bait to use this past week has definitely been Soft Crab on a bottom rig. We’ve heard of plenty of 20″-22″ fish and some nicer 25″-30″ fish being caught this past week in these areas. Jigging the bay bridge with 1/2oz-3/4oz jigs with Chartreuse BKD trailers has been doing well during the day. Live-Lining the bay bridge has also been doing really well this past week. Topwater fishing with the Heddon Chug’n Spook near the rock piles under the Bay Bridge has been great just before sunrise. The bite definitely slows down once the sun comes up so you should get out there early!

Moving a little further south in the Bay near Hacketts, The Hill and the Eastern Bay we’ve heard great reports from anglers Live-lining Spot, Chumming and Chunking. Trolling has done well in these areas with surgical hoses in Red, Green and Purple. Make sure to use an inline weight, a 10′ leader and troll the edges of the channel breaks.

Even further south in the bay we’re seeing plenty of Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and even some Cobia and Red Drum. They’re catching them while trolling drone spoons in red, green or silver colors. Focus on areas like buoy 72 and 72a.

Bottom Fishing

Some of the hot spots this week have been Hacketts, the Bay Bridge and Romancoke Fishing Pier. Many are having success with soft crab, bloodworms and even some grass shrimp. We’re starting to see more and more Spot, Croaker and even some small Flounder show up in these areas. Thomas Point Park (which is permit only) is another good place this week. Sandy Point State Park is producing the same as it usually does with some Perch, Channel Cats and some smaller Rockfish being caught off the shore and rock jetty.

Perch Fishing

The past week has been great for Perch fishing. Many of the shallow structured areas are producing great Perch with inline spinners like the Mepps #1 spinner as well as the Chartreuse Perch Pounder with the silver blade. You can also catch them with top & bottom rigs with fresh razor clams as bait.

Coastal Fishing

Lots of throwback Flounder, Puppy Drum, and Stingrays are being caught in the back bays, inlet & bridges around Ocean City. Some snapper sized Bluefish are also being caught with metal jigs and Z-Man plastics.

Fishing from the surf is producing nice Shark with large chunks of Bunker or any cut-bait you can find. Kingfish are being caught with bloodworm and sand fleas. A mix of some Spot and Croaker are also being caught.


The crabbing over the last week has been ok. Crabs are running a little light right now and many are finding them in 4′-10′ of water on a moving tide. Baits to use would be razor clams, chicken necks or even some Spot/Perch that are being caught. Some of the more popular spots this past week have been the Magothy River, Severn River and Wye River.