Image: Left: Pro-Staff employee Sam got on the flounder bite from the shore at Ocean City! Right: Eddie Weber caught a nice Rockfish on topwater in the Severn River!

Rockfish: The best rockfish bite continues to be above the Bay Bridge. Hodges Bar, Pooles Island and the mouth of the Patapso are hot spots, and live lining spot is the way to go! We are also hearing reports of the morning and evening topwater bite picking up in the rivers, particularly the Patapso and the Severn! In the lower parts of the bay, the shallow water bite is still the way to go. Fish shoreline rip rap or structure such as lighthouses with 1/4-3/8 oz jig heads and 4 or 5 inch paddletails.
Click here for a video about how to use a live liner reel for live lining spot or bottom fishing! 

Speckled Trout: We aren’t hearing quite as many reports of speckled trout from the southern bay, probably as a result of warmer water temperatures, but they are still there! Hit shallow shorelines and grass beds around the mouth of the Choptank, the mouth of the Patuxent and below first thing in the morning before water temperatures rise. After about 9 am look for them in deeper water on secondary ledges. Use light jig heads with 2-5 inch paddletails. White and pink are the best colors!

Bluefish: Decent sized (up to 15 inch!) bluefish are all over the bay, as far north as the mouth of the Severn, the Bay Bridge and Love Point! Fish for them with metal jigs or troll size 2 or 3 spoons on number one planers. You’ll want to troll between 3.5-5 mph.

Mackerel: We are starting to get reports of mackerel entering the middle bay area! The numbers aren’t quite there yet, but folks are catching them sporadically while casting metal jigs into breaking fish or trolling small spoons around Thomas Point and Bloody Point!

White Perch: Large white perch can be caught at Tolly Point, Hackett’s Point and around the Bay Bridge. Use small pieces of fish bites on a Chesapeake Sabiki Rig. They are also in all of the rivers over oyster beds and in shallow water near structure. Use small x-raps or spinners like perch pounders or super rooster tails.

Croaker: While there are some reports of croaker being caught around the bay bridge, at Tolly Point and Hackett Point, and in the rivers of oyster beds, they are all very small in size. Generally they are a by-catch when perch fishing with Chesapeake sabiki rigs. Hopefully we start seeing some bigger ones move in soon! Use fish bites, bloodworms or grass shrimp on a bottom rig if you do want to target them!

Snakehead: In the hotter weather you will want to target snakehead in the early morning or evening, or even bow fish or gaff them at night!! During the day, try a top water frog or snakehead destroyer minnows.

Redfish: Large red drum can be found under schools of breaking fish in the lower bay around the Target Ship and Smith Island, all of the way up to Hoopers Island! Use a metal vertical jig to get below the smaller breaking fish to find them! Puppy drum can be find found in the shallows of that lower bay area and around Point Lookout!

Cobia: The majority of the best cobia fishing is still taking place south of Point Lookout and into Virginia waters. Most people are chumming for them and are using live eels and fresh alewife. You can also sight cast for them with bucktails or live eels.