Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

Wow! What a week we’ve had fishing this past week! Fishing has been fantastic pretty much everywhere including the Bay, the tidal Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Streams! This is the time of year where you can bring the whole family and enjoy some time on the water. This weekend is Father’s Day weekend and many Dads and kids will be on the water enjoying some quality time together. Whether you’re looking to hook into something huge or just have a ton of fun, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that this weekend.


In the upper bay area the bite has been good in the Deer Creek area especially early in the morning on topwater and bigger swimbaits. The area you want to target is near the islands in Deer Creek. The ideal time is during a moving tide and early in the day or later in the evening. Jigging has been working really well during the day using 1oz. heads and 6″-7″ BKD trailers. Not only can kayakers and boaters get to these fish but bank anglers can get to these fish when the tide is low.

In the middle bay area the ticket has been chumming/chunking as of late. Some good numbers have been coming from Love Point, Podickory Point, Hacketts and the mouth of the Eastern Bay. Light tackle jigging has also been doing VERY well especially later in the evening during a moving tide. Some great reports have been coming out of Love Point and the Eastern Bay area near the Hill or the Gum Thickets. The key lately has been the tide. IF the tide is moving, baitfish and Rockfish are moving around making it easier to catch them. Shore anglers have had success in the area from spots like Sandy Point, Matapeake Pier, as well as the Narrows. Trolling for Rockfish as of late has been OK. Look to downsize your rig with either spoons or smaller holographic shads on umbrella or tandem rigs. Zig-zagging over dropoffs will be your best bet to find fish.

Fishing the Southern Bay area has been good as well the past week. Some of the better spots down there have been Cove Point, near the Falls Channel, buoy 72, 72a have all been hot. Chumming/Chunking has been producing and some Bluefish have been mixed in there.

Bottom Fishing / Perch Fishing

As the water temps continue to rise, Perch are becoming more and more active. This is the time of year where you can literally throw anything out there and catch fish. Berts Perch Pounders, Shad Darts, small Mepps Spinnerbaits have all been catching fish. You can throw these baits at structure such as Piers, Bulkheads, Rip-rap, sunken trees and brush to catch White Perch. If you’re bottom fishing look to use bloodworms, razor clams or soft crab to catch them. Some great spots lately have been Hacketts, Love Point or the man-made reefs. There is no minimum size limit or creel limit when it comes to White Perch so have fun!


Not a whole lot of Spot have been caught in the Northern Bay or Middle Bay. The majority of the Spot population are being found further South near Point Lookout. Using Razor Clams on bottom rigs have been doing really well down there. We expect the Spot to move up in the Middle Bay area by the end of June. Continue to check back to see if they’re up here next week!

Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout have been doing really well in the lower Easter Shore area using smaller jigs with paddle tails. There haven’t been many up past the Choptank river. Some other good baits are Gulp Alive, and smaller metal jigs with BKD trailers.

Black Drum

In the Southern Bay area a good location has been just off Chesapeake Beach near Stone Rock area with soft crabs or sea clams. We’ve heard great reports from several charter fleets about the numbers of Black Drum this past week. Look to drift over a school and use these baits on the bottom.

Bowfishing for Rays/Carp

This is the time of year where Rays and Carp are a plenty and many Bowfishing opportunities are out there. Look to find them in shallower water early and late in the day. Rays will come up to the surface quite frequently while moving around the bay so this is a great time to target them while Bowfishing. Some great spots are the mouth of the Eastern Bay as well as the mouth of nearly every river in the bay.


Crabbing has been great lately. Lots of good sized crabs are around and being caught in commercial pots baited with razor clams, frozen bunker or chicken necks. Trotlines have been working pretty well lately and the key timeframe is on a moving tide. Nearly everything is dependent on a moving tide and that is the best time to catch. We have everything you need to catch crabs including supplies and bait here at the shop!

Bluefish/Shark/Surf Fishing

This is the time of year where surf fishing really starts to produce a good grade of fish. There have been some reports of smaller Flounder being caught in the inlet area. Snapper sized Bluefish and Rockfish are also being caught in the surf with either plugs, bigger jigs with Z-Man trailers or cut bait like Bunker. Some reports of Shark being caught off the coast with bigger chunks of Bunker or Bluefish on heavier rigs. If you’re fishing braid, look to use a shock leader so you don’t get cut off on Shark tails.

Freshwater/Largemouth Bass

Fishing for Bass lately has been hot. The bite is good nearly all day depending on what you’re using. Topwater early and late, jigs and swimbaits during the day and jerkbaits have also been catching. Bass are looking to slip to cooler water by going deeper during the day and feeding shallow during the early morning and later in the evening. Trick here is “matching the hatch” by using baits and lures that mimic what the Bass are naturally feeding on. If there are smaller shads in the lake, look to use a Live Target 3D Gizzard Shad to land that trophy Bass. If there are crawfish in the area and you’re fishing a rocky shoreline, look to use a jig with a Yamamoto Craw trailer to get bit by that big girl you’ve been looking for. If you’re fishing a grass line, a bluegill colored spinner bait could work nicely.