Maryland Fishing Report

June 28th, 2019

It’s looking like another HOT holiday week ahead! The forecast is looking like hot and humid days coming up and the good news is the fishing has been just as hot! Many people will be coming through the shop on their way out to grab bait, supplies and beer/ice so be sure to call ahead to make sure we have what you need! As always, we are here to help you enjoy your time and hopefully help you catch more fish!


Chumming/Chunking/Live Lining

Julia Nelson landed this nice 34″ while fishing with her dad Jeff around the Bay Bridge pilings! Nice fish Julia!!

Spot are IN! We now are carrying live spot at $2.49 ea and $23.99 doz. Live-lining has been really good this past week, especially around the bay bridge pilings and rock piles. Not much has changed as far as chumming/chunking. Anglers are catching some rockfish with a heavy mix of catfish while chumming/chunking. The area where anglers are catching the most is north of the Bay Bridge. Areas like Podickory Point, Swan Point & Love Point keep producing a heavy mix of catfish with some rockfish mixed in. Anglers fishing soft crab or live spot on in-line circle hooks by the bridge pilings caught their 3 person limit in 30 minutes!

The baits that seem to be doing the best are live spot, soft crab and crab apron. Target areas where there is 25′-35′ of water near transitions or structure during a moving tide. Just remember that if you are chumming, chunking or live-lining, you must use in-line circle hooks!


Anglers continue to catch a nice grade of fish around the bay bridge and further north. Using a 1/2oz-1oz jig head with a 5″-7″ trailer has been working well. Some productive colors have been chartreuse, white & shad colors. You can fish these with a skirt, or skirtless. Target pilings, rock piles, drop offs & schooled up breaking fish.

Some of the hotter spots have been the Bay Bridge, Triple Buoys, Kent Narrows Bridge & Baltimore Lighthouse.


It’s that time of year to switch to spoons and hoses! Anglers have had success trolling red, black, blue & purple hoses near the bottom. Using an inline weight with a 10′ leader and trolling just fast enough to bounce the weight off the bottom. Target areas like the Triple Buoys, Channel ledges and deeper holes in the shipping channel.


The topwater bite recently has been good. Some of the better spots have been in the grass flats in the Eastern Bay, the northwest side of Poplar Island and around structure near Thomas Point.


After the very slow start, we’re hearing more and more reports of decent quantities being caught recently. We’re not seeing them stacked in the creeks like they used to be but they’re there. The best catches have been reported in 10′ or less of water, especially around grass flats in the Eastern Bay & creeks/rivers that stem off of it. Trotlines baited with either razor clams or chicken necks are catching well in 5′-8′ of water on an incoming or outgoing tide. The key is a moving tide!

White Perch

The typical Summer pattern is in full swing right now. Targeting Perch in coves/creeks near shallow structure has been good. Using spinner baits like the Perch Pounder, Super Rooster Tail or even a Beetlespin with a Mr. Twister grub trailer are working. If you’re fishing deeper water, look for hard bottom and fish either Soft Crab, Razor Clams or Bloodworms on a top & bottom rig with 1oz of weight.

This little Perch decided the Perch Pounder in “Jamie’s Halloween” was just too good to pass up! These little baits flat out catch fish!

Coastal Fishing

Don Lorden landed this nice little Sheepshead while fishing with sandfleas around the OC Jetty! Nice fish Don!

Anglers fishing off the piers and jetty in OC are catching Rockfish, Blues and Flounder. Some decent keepers and throwbacks mixed in. Look to use cut bait like Alewife, Sea Clam or mullet fished on the bottom during a transitioning tide. If you’re surf fishing and want to have some serious fun, grab some Crazy K’s Shark Rigs and throw on a big bait like a tuna head and HOLD ON! We had a few reports of Sand Tiger and Sand Bar shark caught in OC & Assateague this past week.

Show us what you caught!

We’d love to see your catch! Send your photos with some simple info (your name, location, bait/technique) and any other info you’d like to share to By sending your images you are giving us permission to use them online.

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