Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – June 8th, 2018

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This past week we found that downsizing your spreads really paid off. Trolling 4″-6″ baits including spoons & spoonbrellas seemed to be the hot ticket. One great area was just south of Bloody Point. Just west of Poplar Island was also a decent spot to target. Pretty much in/around the Eastern Bay was the hottest spot for Trolling this past week.


Jigging has been on fire this week. The majority of the fish we were all catching were jigged up. 1/2oz-3/4oz G-Eye Jigs (or your favorite jighead) with 6″ Chartreuse trailers were a hot bait. Focusing on transition points and structure like channel ledges and bridge pilings in 25′-35′ of water was ideal. Some of the better locations were the Bay Bridge, Love Point (Triple Buoys), Eastern Bay (The Hill) & Thomas Point Lighthouse.

Michael Smeyda (Left) and 4 year old son Bryson (Center) went jigging around Love Point and Bryson landed his personal best 35″ Rockfish! Way to go Bryson!!

Pro Staffer Alex Perez placed 3rd in the 15th Annual Kent Narrows Fly & Light Tackle Tournament – Kayak Division! Nice work Alex!

Pro Staffer Andrew Green (right) took Mr. Bruns out for a day full of Jigging all over the Mid-Bay area yesterday and reported catching over 100 fish! Nice work fellas!

Chumming/Live Lining

The Chumming bite has been great, during a moving tide! That is the key to the Chum bite…a moving tide. If you’re out there during a slack tide, you might as well crack a few cold ones and wait until the next tide starts moving in/out! Fishing fresh Bunker on the bottom around Love Point, Podickory Point, Hackets point and Thomas Point has been great the last week. We are now offering 4 packs of FRESH Bunker for the price of 3! $14.99 will get you going for most of the day!

We do not have Spot in stock yet but we’re anticipating their arrival within the next few weeks. As of right now, live-lining Eels has been decent around the Bay Bridge pilings, Love Point and Thomas Point. Make sure you’re using an in-line circle hook when either Chumming or Live-Lining!

Ryder Defibaugh caught this nice fish while Live-Lining Eels around Love Point! Nice fish Ryder!


The Perch bite continues to be hot right now. Plenty of fish are being caught in 5′-40′ of water all over the Bay and in the rivers. Target shoreline or submerged structure like rip-rap, piers, bulkheads or bridge pilings. Fish either Razor Clams, Bloodworms or Soft Crab on the bottom with an ounce of weight. You can also have some fun with spinnerbaits like Mepps or Bert’s Perch Pounders casting to submerged structure like pier pilings and utilize a slow retrieve close to the bottom!

Ocean City/Coastal Fishing

Many Anglers are catching Flounder, Bluefish and some Rockfish from the piers and bridges in Ocean City. The Flounder bite has been decent with a few keepers mixed in with a ton of throwback size fish. White Gulp Mullet worked on the bottom will catch you some nice Flounder. Surf fishing from the north end of Ocean City up into Delaware Anglers are landing plenty of mixed sizes of Black Drum on Sand Fleas and Sea Clam. We’ve had reports of Sand Tiger and Sand Bar Shark being caught in the same areas. Grab a few of Crazy K’s Shark Rigs, throw on some big bait and get ready to land Jaws!

Pro Staffer Mike Fiore went out of Chincoteage this week and had a great day on the blue water! Nice Tuna, Mike!


Crabbing has been slow to start but picking up over the last couple weeks. We’re finding that the best crabbing is in less than 15′ of water on a moving tide. It’s not that great in the rivers like the Magothy or Severn but in the Main Bay it’s been decent. Bait your trap with Chicken Necks, Razor Clams or Bunker and set them just before a moving tide. It’s important you are crabbing during a moving tide. You won’t catch many crabs unless the tide is moving.

Show us what you caught!

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