Fishing Report – March 30th, 2018

Perch Run

The Perch run has transitioned from a mix of Yellows and Whites to more Whites and a lot less Yellows. A few Yellows can be caught in deeper holes in transition areas from the creeks/spawn sites to open water. We’re seeing a whole lot more Whites recently and a mix of sizes depending on where you’re fishing.

One of the hotter areas this past week was the Choptank River and the creeks that branch off of it. We’re seeing some nice sizes and numbers come out of that area. Some other areas to note are Tuckahoe Creek, Beachwood Park in the Magothy and the upper reaches of the Patuxent River. We saw a good amount of White Perch being caught in these locations this past week.

Best baits are going to be live minnows, grass shrimp or bloodworms. In shallow water (< 6′) fish these baits under a bobber. In deeper water (> 6′) fish these baits off the bottom with a top & bottom rig. You can increase your chances of catching fish if you fish a tandem rig. You can throw two shad darts or smaller jigs at the same time with a tandem rig and bounce these baits off the bottom around structure. A very effective and productive technique!


Water temps in some of the tidal rivers and creeks is hovering around 45º-48º. With that, we’ve received reports of some Shad and Herring being caught in Tuckahoe Creek. This isn’t a full on run at this point, but stay tuned for more of these soon as the weather starts to turn. No reports of these fish being caught in the Potomac or Susquehana yet but expect that to change very soon.


Things are starting to heat up! We’re finding big fish all over the bay right now. From shore (Sandy Point State Park) and from boats/yaks in many of the local Rivers. We’re seeing 40″+ fish being caught nearly daily. Make sure you’re up to date on the rules and regulations on where to fish for Rockfish. The DNR map can be found here and is very comprehensive on where/when you can fish for Rockfish.

Junior Jimenez landed a beautiful Rockfish with Bloodworms off the shore at Sandy Point State Park this past week. Very nice fish sir!

Some of the hotter spots have been deeper structure areas like the Bay Bridge Pilings, Power Plant down near Calvert Cliffs and in the mouth of the Patapsco. Jigging in these areas has been pretty good this past week. Trolling for Rockfish has picked up and anglers are finding fish in their typical Rockfish highways in the shipping channels in 35′-50′ of water. Concentrate on the areas closest to the mouths of the rivers as this is where these fish will school up as the move in to spawn in the creeks and rivers.

Pro Staffer Alex Perez got into a bunch of Schoolie sized rockfish this past week. A sign that the spawn run has started…

Best baits to use are depending on the type of fishing you’re doing. Trolling larger baits right now is your best bet. Make sure no stinger hooks are used and the barbs are flattened. No more than 6 rods may be deployed no matter how many anglers are on board.

Bait fishing for Rockfish requires non-offset circle hooks or J hooks with less than 1/2″ gap. Bloodworms, Alewife or White Perch are all good baits to catch Rockfish right now.

Show us what you caught!

We’d love to see your catch! Send your photos with some simple info (your name, location, bait/technique) and any other info you’d like to share to By sending your images you are giving us permission to use them online. If there are any children under 18 we need their parents permission before posting any images online!