Image: Angler Pro-Staff Employee Alex found plenty of pre-spawn bass in an Eastern Shore pond this week, while Pro-Staff Employee James found spawning Yellow Perch in Tuckahoe Creek!

Perch: We’ve been waiting and waiting, and we are finally starting to hear multiple reports of spawning yellow perch being caught on the Eastern Shore and in the Upper Magothy. Check out any of the spots that we talked about in our Run to the Perch Run Video Series! In the shallow water, try jigging a small feather jig under a bobber, or a 1/32 -1/8 oz jig head with a live minnow or grass shrimp. There are white perch in the mix at these locations too, especially at Beachwood Park!
While it’s exciting to see the spawning perch starting to show up, the best reports this week actually came from the upper bay near Perryville, where yellow perch staging in deeper water, from 30-60 feet. Bloodworms, minnows and grass shrimp on a bottom rig will work great in this area!!

Large Mouth Bass: It’s a great time of year to explore the many ponds in our area! An excellent technique to use right now is to slowly twitch a jerk bait along the bottom, especially along underwater wood structure. A ned rig or dragging a paddletail slowly along the bottom will also work well!

Pickerel: There are still plenty of pickerel to catch in Eastern Shore ponds and in the Severn, Magothy, and Patapsco Rivers! Use 3-4 inch paddletails on 1/8-1/4 oz jig heads or live minnows!

Crappie: Idylwylde and Johnson pond are great spots to catch crappie, but they can be found in any of the Eastern Shore ponds. Try live minnows for this species as well!