Left: Jesse and his friend Ralph found nice sized fish biting on white tandems between Thomas Point and Bloody Point earlier this week. This one was 42 inches! Right: RJ caught this catfish using shrimp in the Potomac River!

Rockfish: The reports of large, trophy rockfish that we received last week have slowed down. There are definitely still some big fish out there, but we are all looking forward to the regular season opener on Sunday! This is when you will want to downsize the profiles of you tandems and umbrella rigs when trolling. Troll anywhere south of bridge, and have inline sinkers on your boat so that you can get your tandems to the depth where you are marking fish. See our chart here! 
Chumming is a great way to catch a mix of rockfish and catfish. Podickory Point, Love Point, Hackett Point and Tolly Point are all great places to anchor up, in about 30 feet of water. We have heard of a lot of rockfish being caught chumming that are short of trophy size, but will be great “keepers” starting on Sunday. Chumming will also give you a good shot at catching one of the remaining trophy sized fish still in the area! Bait fishing from shore at Sandy Point and the local piers has been producing mostly undersized rockfish and catfish.
Jigging is picking up as well. While Eastern Bay is catch and release only until June 1st, it’s a great spot for jigging, along with the waters around Poplar Island and Chesapeake Beach. You can also cast and retrieve 4-5 inch paddletails!

Perch & Spot: We are getting reports of both Perch and Spot starting show up at Matapeake and in the rivers! This is a great sign! They are still mostly in deeper water right now, but it’s a great time to start targeting them, because it will definitely begin to pick up. Try bloodworms or fish bites on a sabiki rig or bottom rig.

Snakehead: Snakehead fishing has been a bit slow, but will pick up after spawning season. Snakehead are everywhere in the Severn, Magothy, Patuxent, Patapsco and South Rivers. They might be a little bit hard to get, but with persistence (some Snakehead Destoryer minnows will help too!) you might very well catch one.

Catfish: Fishing for catfish from shore at Sandy Point, Matapeke and Romancoke has been very productive. Use fresh alewife! While catfish are all over the bay and rivers, fishing from a boat near Podickory Point, around Kent Island, or in the Potomac always seems to produce a lot of fish!