Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

May 19th 2015

The Summer Season has begun! The Blue Angels are flying, the Midshipmen are graduating, and the fish are biting!


The new limits are two fish person over 20 inches, of which only one may be over 28 inches. While larger Trophy Rock can still be caught on their way out of the Bay the “run” has just about come to a close. The upside is we have already had reports all over the Upper Bay of schooled Rockfish between 20 to 30 inches being caught chumming, jigging, and trolling.

The trolling bite has begun to switch for most Anglers from larger baits to smaller baits. Our reports have more fish being caught in the 20 to 25-foot depths off the channel edges, using smaller bucktail tandem rigs, 4 to 6 inch swim shads, spoons, and spoon umbrellas. Best tactics are to mark fish on your fish finder (or hook one up). Then work the general area trolling in a circle or zig zag pattern.

Chumming bite has been heating up as the Rockfish are now feeding in groups. Reports have been good off of Hackett’s Point and Podicory Point in 20 to 25 feet of water. Look to anchor up and fish fresh alewife on the bottom with chum over the side of the boat. Use a fish finder rig with 2 oz in-line sinker and a 20 to 30 lb, 36-inch fluoro-carbon leader with a 4/0-6/0 circle hook.

White Perch

Rising water temperatures have kicked the Perch bite into gear. Perch are now being caught in the creeks and rivers on spinners, jigs, and bait. Look to cast lures or fish your bait in the shallower water around structure. In deeper water, Perch can be caught on the hard bottoms such as oyster reefs, or around structures like the Bay Bridge, with simple top and bottom rigs.


The first recreational crabs have been caught over the past week! Locally, I caught a dozen off a few dock pots baited with fresh alewife in 8 to 12 foot of water. We expect the crabbing to get continually better from here through the rest of the summer. For best success try crabbing with fresh razor clams in the early season.

Tight lines and full traps!


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