Left: LJ from G-Eye Jigs and Lyndsie from Anglers doubled up jigging 3/4 oz G-Eye Jigs jig heads with Z-Man Streakz XL in Hot Chartreuse just north of Bloody Point on Wednesday. While we were marking the fish on the bottom, they were typically biting in the middle of the water column as we were working the bait back to the boat. Right: Ed Long caught this rockfish jigging a 1/4 oz G-Eye Jigs jig head in 30 feet of water, also near Bloody Point. Ed is a Vietnam Veteran. Thank you for your service Ed and great fishing!

Rockfish: The jigging bite is really heating up! Early in the week, Bloody Point was the hot spot, but the fish are starting to push north. Fishing the channel edges in 20-30 feet of water anywhere in between Bloody Point will likely be your best bet. Jigging larger baits like Zman Streakz XL on 5/8 or 3/4 oz jig heads was the ticket for catching fish in the mid 20s. If you are trolling, you will want to downsize your baits a little bit to 6, or at most 9, inches. Bait fishing is also productive. We now have live spot and soft crab available along with fresh alewife! Fishing live spot and soft crab around structure, or chumming at any of the points are great alternatives to jigging or trolling. Eastern Bay, although it’s catch and release only until June 1st, has also been a good spot to catch fish jigging or live lining!

Catfish: A lot of catfish are being caught chumming as well! North of the Bay Bridge has been particularly good. You can also catch them from shore using fresh alewife in any of the rivers, Sandy Point park, or piers on the bay.

Speckled Trout: We are hearing reports of speckled trout being caught down around the Islands of the Tangier Sound. They are not quite as far north as the Little Choptank yet, but they should be soon. On the western shore there are already reports of them in Mill Creek. Use 1/4 oz jig heads with 3 or 4 inch paddletails and fish in shallow water around structure, rocks, points and grass flats. Soft crab also works!

Perch: We have received numerous exciting reports of white perch in the rivers and in the main bay! They are around structure and shoreline in the main bay, and can be found around piers and over oyster beds in the rivers! Use perch pounders, sabiki rigs, or razor clams or blood worms on a bottom rig!

Crabbing: Crabbing is picking up earlier than normal this year! You will have to weed through the small ones, but we’ve heard reports of crabbers coming home with a bushel in the Magothy, Severn and South rivers. Running traps will be more successful than trotline right now & razor clams are the ticket!

Snakehead: Topwater action is starting to pick up at Blackwater, in the western shore rivers, and up in the Susquehanna, but subsurface should still probably be your first go to. Chatterbaits and swim baits have been productive and it’s always a good idea to have a rod out with a live minnow!