Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

Before we get into the fishing report we’d like to say thank you to all the active and retired military members across this beautiful nation. We are so grateful for your service and would like to say thanks today and every day. It’s because of you that we are blessed to be free in this great country. We hope all our friends and family have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend this weekend! We will be having some sales going on this weekend so check back for details soon!


Pro Staffer Mike Fiore is all smiles after landing this nice keeper sized Rockfish while jiggin’.

The Rockfish bite has been hot over the last week. Many anglers are having great success with light tackle jigging, chumming and even some downsized trolling with 6″-9″ tandem tsunami shads. Most of the catches reported are just south of the Bay Bridge but reports have also come out with fish being caught off Sandy Point, just east of Love Point and Podickory Point. Water temps in the Annapolis area are hovering around 62º-65º and should most likely hold there through the week with mid to high 70º days and rain in the forecast. While the forecast for this holiday weekend may not be ideal for beach-goers, the fishing should be great. We just got a nice delivery of fresh bunker for those looking to stock up for the weekend. We recommend calling ahead to make sure we have what you need!


Perch fishing continues to be great in all the typical summer spots that Perch love to occupy. Try heading out early and bank fishing structure such as rip-rap, sunken brush, fallen trees or oyster beds with your favorite color of Perch Pounder. This technique works great early or later in the evening all through the Summer. Other techniques that work great are a simple top & bottom rig with razor clams. Fresh razor clams are one of the most underrated Perch baits out there. Perch are being reported in nearly all of the tidal rivers and some key hot spots are just south of Perry Point in the upper bay, the Magothy River, the Severn River and Kent Narrows.


We’ve heard a few reports of Croaker moving into the Southern Bay area near the Bay Bridge Tunnel and with warmer water temps in our future we hope to see more of them. Great baits to use would be Bloodworms, Soft Crabs and Razor Clams on the bottom. Many of the Croaker that have been caught are in the 9″-11″ size. If you’re targeting them from shore, try Point Lookout as a good place to start.

Coastal Fishing

The recent weather we’ve had all but killed the Flounder bite in Ocean City. Water temps and clarity have been poor over the last couple days but we anticipate that to turn around soon. The ideal bait to use would be 1oz bucktails with 5″-6″ white Gulp bouncing off the bottom. Many reports of snapper sized Bluefish being caught off the pier as well as surf fishing with cut bunker or your favorite surface plugs. More and more nice sized Rockfish have been caught off the Rt. 50 bridge as well as off the shore especially off Assateague. Black Sea Bass have been caught near the wrecks so we should start seeing more of that bite to pick up. Shark fishermen have started their efforts off Assateague as well as in OC fishing the surf with cut bait such as Bunker (LY) or even cut Bluefish.

Freshwater Fishing

Pro Staffer Andrew Green and Co-Angler Sam Schmidt cut a check in this past weekend’s Battle of the Border (MD vs. VA) tournament! Great job fellas!

Most of the reservoir, lakes and ponds are in the post-spawn pattern now so Summer techniques are working great. Fishing squarebills, chatterbaits or Texas rigged soft plastics such as baby brush hogs have all been catching nice Largemouth Bass. Matching the natural forage is the best bet when targeting these fish. Shad, craws and worms are all good baits to mimic at this time. Crappie fishing has been good as well over the last week. These fish are feeding shallow early in the day then slipping off deeper during the day then returning to the shallows to feed at night. Look to use minnows on slip bobber rigs as well as shad darts tipped with minnows. If you’re fishing the Eastern Shore ponds and lakes, look to use topwater lures such as poppers or Whopper Ploppers to entice that thrilling early morning or late night bite from either Largemouth Bass or Snakehead.