Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

May 28th 2015

With the passing of Memorial Day, the summer season seems to be officially upon us. As we welcome the heat and humidity, along comes some great fishing, perfect for getting out and enjoying the longer days and warmer weather.

Trolling has been good up and down the Bay. Our reports have the best bites happening off of Love Pt., Deale Island, and Poplar Island in anywhere from 25-45ft of water. Most Anglers have sized their rigs down. They are now fishing 4-7” Tsunami/Storm swim shads rigged in tandem, or off of an umbrella. Some folks are having success with bucktails rigged with curl tails or pork rind in tandem or bottom bouncing. Still others are using smaller Tony, Crippled Alewive, or CJ spoons fished with in-line weight or off an Umbrella.

Chumming seems to be the best bet for fishing in the boat. Captain Frank Tuma reported a great bite off Love Point in 25-35ft of water while others have also reported good bites off of Tolly’s Point and Bloody Point.

Now that the Rockfish have schooled up, your best bet is to cover the area along the channel edges in 20-35ft of water and set up once you read larger schools. Fresh Alewife fished on the bottom with chum over the side of the boat seems to be most successful for pulling fish in the boat.

Light tackle jigging and casting has also started to heat up all over the Bay. Reports have fish being caught inside Eastern Bay, off Hackets Point, and at the Bay Bridge. Most Anglers are jigging Bass Assassins/BKD’s on jig heads or Bucktails rigged with plastics.

White Perch

Perch are now being caught in the creeks and rivers on spinners, jigs, and bait. Look to cast lures, or fish your bait in the shallower water around structure. In deeper water, Perch can be caught on hard bottom such as oyster reefs with simple top and bottom rigs, or around structures, like the Bay Bridge, on the same rigs.


Hard Head have now been caught as far north as Sandy Point. Look to fish bloodworms, razor clam, or squid on the bottom. Note: Croaker always bite best at night!


First good catches were reported over the weekend. Get your hand lines, traps or trotlines out! Best of luck!

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