Richard Wills and Dicky Cochran watched last week’s fishing report and tried trolling smaller profile baits around Bloody Point. They agreed that “elephants do eat peanuts!”

Rockfish: The best bite continues to be south of the bridge. Jigging in 15-20 ft of water anywhere from Hackett Point down to Chesapeake Beach has been productive! Use your electronics to mark fish whenever possible, and use a 1/2, 3/4 or 1 oz jig head depending on how fast the current is moving. The fish still seem to be biting on larger profile baits, like the Zman Steakz XL. We’ve had a lot of success with the Hot Chartreuse color but we also love pink this time of year! We filmed a Jigging Basics video series this week with LJ from G-Eye Jigs. Click here to check it out!
There are some fish being caught north of the bridge, particularly around the mouths of the rivers, but they are more scattered than they are south of the bridge. Trolling smaller profile baits might be a better bet if you are fishing up north. Alternatively, try bait fishing around structure such as the bridge or any of the lighthouses. Soft crabs, live spot and peeler crabs are all now readily available at the store!

Speckled Trout: Speckled Trout fishing is really picking up, especially around the Islands and the Tangier Sound. They’ve been caught as far north as the mouth of the Choptank and the mouth of the Patuxent. Use 1/4 or 3/16 oz jig heads with 3-4 inch paddletails in shallow water around points and grass beds.

Catfish: Chumming has been producing some rockfish here and there, but primarily a lot of catfish! Fresh alewife from shore or piers works too!

Perch and Spot: Perch and spot seem be in their typical summer patterns already! Perch are over hard bottom in 10-15 ft of water in the rivers and the main bay, and also around structure in shallow water. We’ve received great reports of spot around Kent Island and from Matapeake Pier!

Cobia and Red Drum: All of the Cobia and Red Drum action is still pretty far south at Cape Charles, but the bite there has been hot, so it’s a good sign that they might be moving up to our area soon!

Snakehead: Snakehead seem to spawning right now so the bite has been a bit slow. There are still some being caught here and there though, with the Susquhanna Flats and the areas around Havre de Grace and Perryville quickly becoming hot spots! Try subsurface swimbaits, chatterbaits or minnows. Click here for a video on how to rig a weedless paddletail! 

Crabbing: Crabbing is definitely not at it’s peak yet, but we are starting to see a lot more of them in the Magothy, the Severn and the South Rivers, and running a trotline is starting to be more productive. Traps are still working well too. Try razor clams!