Image: Left: Lee Schinnerer and his nephew Mason caught this catfish near Podickory Point with fresh Alewife. Center: Bradley Dalgliesh caught this 20″ Striper using Alewife! Right: Brecken Ellington caught this White Perch in 29′ of water near Podickory Point. They picked up some squid at the shop and caught several!

Rockfish: Chumming and trolling continue to be the most effective ways to catch rockfish. Podickory Point, Love Point and Hackett Point, have been producing fish, but it’s been a bit hit or miss. An outgoing tide is your best bet! Further south, trolling the channel edges from Chesapeake Beach to Point Lookout, and around Bloody Point has been quite successful. Use 6 oz-9 oz baits. Limetreuse and Holographic Green have been the hot colors. For jigging, pink is still the best color!

Speckled Trout: Sea Trout are in the water from Chesapeake Beach on south, particularly around Crisfield and the Potomac. Fish shallow water with 1/4 oz jig heads with small 3-4 in paddletails, a white or purple X-Rap.

Redfish: Large Red Drum are in the area around the Islands and the Tangier Sound as well, but may hard to find. Look for them on your fish finder! They are biting on peeler crab and swim baits!

Perch: Bottom fishing for perch continues to be successful around the mouth of the Magothy and Podickory Point. Use Razor clams or squid on a bottom rig! They are also starting to show up in shallow water, with the Severn River being a good spot. Chartreuse and Halloween are the hot colors for perch pounders!

Snakehead: The spawning period is coming to an end, so you will start to see fry balls. We all know that Blackwater is a great spot, but don’t be afraid to head north to the Middle River, the Bush River and the Flats! They might be a bit harder to find but they are definitely there!! Use Snakehead Destroyer minnows or a chatterbait!