Maryland Fishing Report

November 30th, 2018

Welcome to December Folks! Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun! We’re almost to 2019 and we’re excited for the new year. With all the cold weather and rain that we’ve had the fishing in this region has been slow. We’ve seen some decent fish being caught further south in the bay but even then it’s hit or miss. Fish are holding deep close to bottom in the main bay region, especially in the deeper shipping channels. You may be able to find some decent fish while jigging near the several warm water discharges in the bay. Cold water fishing is now the trend so bundle up and good luck!


One of the best areas to start looking for Rockfish is the Bay Bridge pilings. The Bay Bridge will hold fish all year long, just not always the biggest fish. The best techniques to use there are 1) jigging 2) live-lining eels and 3) chumming. The deeper the water, the better. Focus on the 35′-50′ areas near channel edges and deep drop-offs.

Jeff Rubino landed this keeper while fishing with Alewife in deep water near Love Point this past week. Nice fish Jeff!

Another productive spot over the past week has been the popular points in the area; Love, Podickory, Sandy and Hacketts. Fishing with either fresh or frozen Alewife has worked there.

Further south in this region, the channel edge from Matapeake Pier down to Bloody Point has also been productive. We’ve had reports of schools of breaking fish upwards of 30″+ in 40′ of water. Some of the other productive areas have been the mouth of Eastern Bay, Tolly’s Bar, Calvert Cliffs (power plants) and even further south near Point Lookout.

Shore Fishing

In this general area some of the better places to catch Rockfish from shore have been Sandy Point, Jonas Green Park, Kent Narrows and Thomas Point Park. At Sandy Point, the night bite has been good using frozen bait like Alewife, Spot, Peeler Crab and you can also live-line Eel. At Jonas Green Park and Kent Narrows, live-lining eel near the pilings has been working well.


If you don’t feel like heading out into the main Bay, you can bop around the creeks and rivers in this area and still have a great time. Many of the tidal rivers/creeks in this area are holding Pickerel, Yellow Perch and even some Rockfish.

Some of the better areas to focus on are the Magothy River, Severn River, Patapsco River and South River. Starting near the headwaters of these rivers will give you the best chances to hook up with either Pickerel or Yellows. If you’re on the eastern shore, Tuckahoe Creek is a great spot to try out.

Lures and baits that have been working well are Savage Gear swim baits and glide baits. Pro-Staffer Alex Perez prefers a weighted swim-bait hoot with a screw lock and a 4″ paddle tail. This is a great lure to use because it’s weedless, it’s weighted and induces strikes from all kinds and sizes of fish. If the artificial stuff isn’t working for you, the tried and true live bait such as bloodworms or minnows on shad darts or light jigs will always work well.

Regular contributor Eric Packard landed his 500th largemouth of the year…catching this one in cold water with a Mr. Twister tail on a 1/8th beetle spin.

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